Barnaby Joyce allegedly charged taxpayers to sleep away from family home

  • Barnaby Joyce allegedly charged taxpayers to sleep away from family home

Barnaby Joyce allegedly charged taxpayers to sleep away from family home

But the Prime Minister's excoriation of Mr Joyce on Thursday lifted that veneer, exposing a raw enmity between the two.

He was imploring Mr Joyce to sack himself, knowing the Coalition arrangement renders him unable to sack the Deputy PM himself.

"If Malcolm Turnbull doesn't have the courage to sack Barnaby Joyce, he doesn't have the courage to be Prime Minister of Australia", Mr Shorten said.

The leaders of the Liberal and National coalition parties met on Saturday without the presence of their staff. Turnbull described the meeting as a "frank discussion between the leaders of our two Coalition parties".

Joyce returned fire on Friday, saying the comments had "caused further harm" and signalled he'd resist any attempts to force his resignation as Nationals leader.

His vicious return of serve amounted to a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister, saying Mr Turnbull's comments were "inept" and "unnecessary". "He has emotions. He has feelings", Mr Littleproud told ABC radio.

"I'm sorry - if you sleep with your staff, it's not private anymore, it's public, because you're a minister in a position of responsibility and power, over those who work for you", Mr Morrison told Insiders.

"And now we have the stability of this government called into question", Senator Di Natale said from Melbourne.

The Advertiser reported that members of the National Party were having secret conversations.

Earlier in the week, prime minister Malcolm Turnbull suggested that Joyce's actions didn't just hurt him, but also impacted the lives of his wife, Natalie, their kids, as well as his new partner.

The meeting came a day after an extraordinary press conference in Canberra, at which the Deputy Prime Minister condemned the Prime Minister for making hurtful and "inept" comments about Mr Joyce's affair with his former media adviser, who is pregnant with his child. "I say that again, I am incredibly sorry and I apologise to the people of New England and I appreciate the vast support I have received", he said.

"I am incredibly sorry for the hurt I have caused Natalie, my daughters, and Vikki, since my marriage broke up previous year".

Cabinet minister Greg Hunt said the Liberals would work with whomever the Nationals chose as their leader.

"Australians will forgive a lot if a politician appears genuine, but we don't think very highly of hypocrites", Professor Johnson told The New Daily.

Mr Joyce has not only doubled down in his resistance, but cast his own harsh verdict on Mr Turnbull.

Mr Broad said the ban sent a message that "somehow the parliament is some ... orgy", something he denied.

But the bottom line, according to Greens leader Richard Di Natale, was that Mr Joyce has put self-interest above the national interest.

Speculation was that Mr Pitt was dumped because he and Mr Joyce do not get along.

"The ministerial code of conduct is now in shreds".

One way or another, Barnaby Joyce is cooked.

Despite a swell of support following the PM's attack on Mr Joyce this week, colleagues are increasingly unsure if he will survive the scandal.

'It's always very important to meet, to work through the various challenges and issues that we face but the important thing is Barnaby and I are working closely together as we always have'.

With Foreign Minister Julie Bishop now overseas, Senator Cormann will be acting prime minister when Mr Turnbull travels to Washington next week.