NFL players suffered 281 concussions this season

  • NFL players suffered 281 concussions this season

NFL players suffered 281 concussions this season

Concussions suffered during practices were an area of focus for the NFL. But he did note a silver lining, referring to the fact 28 percent of concussions were self-reported, compared to just 19 percent in 2016.

"We're disappointed that the concussion numbers are up", said Dr. Allen Sills, the NFL's chief medical officer, on a conference call with reporters.

The league had fewer concussions during the 2017 regular season (190) than in 2015 (192), but the biggest reason for the rise was 91 concussions suffered in the preseason - almost half (45) coming in practices.

NFL players were diagnosed with more concussions in 2017 than in any season since the league began sharing the data in 2012, according information released Friday afternoon. "It is something which challenges us now to roll up our sleeves and continue to work hard to see that number come down, and I believe that we will attack the problem in a number of ways".

One encouraging sign, noted Sills, is that players are doing a better job at self-reporting concussion symptoms.

The game of football is a violent sport that puts physical health at danger on every play, but there is a clear need to change things up drastically to decrease the number of head injuries that occur every season. An average of 6.9 injuries were reported during Thursday games - a 1.6 increase over last season.

"It would be somewhat naïve and superficial of us to say that because the number went up or down that Thursday night is safer or more risky", he said. "I'm pleased to see the data show that is a substantial increase".

"More players are coming up to us and telling us about their symptoms", Sills said. It's something that we want to continue to take a very deep dive into, meaning that we're going to look at all of these other data factors and try to get a more complete understanding of that question because we know it's important to the players, also important to the medical staffs, coaches and all of us. IQVIA defined an injury as one that caused a player to miss time, either in that game or subsequent ones.

Another positive listed in the report is that ACL injury numbers are at their lowest since 2014, with 54 diagnosed tears.

According to the league, 28% of the evaluations resulted exclusively from a player self-reporting.