News conference on couple accused of torturing 13 children in California

  • News conference on couple accused of torturing 13 children in California

News conference on couple accused of torturing 13 children in California

THE PARENTS of thirteen children have been charged with torture after some of the siblings were found chained to their beds.

Starving siblings who were held captive by their parents have been rescued after their courageous sister's bold escape led the police to their property.

A 17-year-old girl called police after escaping from her family's home where she and her 12 brothers and sisters were locked up in filthy conditions, some so malnourished officers at first believed all were children even though seven are adults. Neighbors told the Post they rarely saw children exiting or entering the home, describing the ones they did see as appearing very young, thin and pale.

When Police Officers from the Perris Police Department and Deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department met with the juvenile, she appeared to be only 10 years old and slightly emaciated. They were ordered held on $US9 million bail, police said.

The police said that they believed all of the children were minors, but to their surprise, they learned that some were over 18.

Riverside County Sheriff's Department investigated and found the rest of her siblings in a dark and foul-smelling room.

Their parents, David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, were arrested on nine counts each of torture and child endangerment.

Flores, who has seven children of her own, wrote on her website that she was a victim of child abuse.

The couple filed for bankruptcy in California in 2011, stating in court documents that they owed between $100,000 and $500,000 in debt. "Like they had never seen people before", she said.

The children were taken to a hospital to be treated and fed.

A couple accused of starving their 13 children and chaining them to beds had so many kids because it was God's calling on them, the children's grandparents are claiming. Some neighbours said they were unaware there were children in the house.

The Turpins were arrested after their 17-year-old daughter was able to escape through a window and call police.

"They only came out at night", she told the news outlet. Another neighbor, Julio Reyes, said that previous year he saw teenagers mowing the family's yard and helping put up Christmas decorations.

Furthermore, investigators said that there was no "immediate information" to suggest sexual abuse and that there was "no indication of mental illness" in the Turpin family.