Did Kim K Name Her Baby Girl After a Designer Bag?

  • Did Kim K Name Her Baby Girl After a Designer Bag?

Did Kim K Name Her Baby Girl After a Designer Bag?

Kardashian and West were both in the delivery room when their new daughter was born, according to, and the new mom had the first skin-to-skin with the baby.

"Since we implanted my fertilized egg in our gestational carrier, our baby is biologically mine and Kanye's", she wrote. Although I've used the term surrogate in the past, a gestational carrier's actually the technical term for a woman who carries a baby that she has no actual biological relationship to, ' the message read.

Fans believed this was a nod to the name of her third child, which is yet to be announced.

"Finding someone you really trust is really more hard than you can imagine.it was maybe a year before we finalised our current situation", she said.

"Anyone that says or thinks it is just the easy way out is just completely wrong", she said. It's not for everyone, but I absolutely love my gestational carrier and this was the best experience I've ever had. People have been speculating this for a while now, and it was about time Kim, who welcomed her baby girl on the 15th, addressed the rumor.

"NOPE! It was Kim Jones last show and wanted to snap a LV pic", the 37-year-old "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" star tweeted about a post she shared late Wednesday that included a close-up shot of the Louis Vuitton monogram and nothing else.

"Our gestational carrier gave us the greatest gift one could give".

"We are so excited to finally welcome home our baby girl". Kourtney is definitely staying tight lipped on the subject.