Ex-MotorStorm and Driveclub devs form Wushu Studios

  • Ex-MotorStorm and Driveclub devs form Wushu Studios

Ex-MotorStorm and Driveclub devs form Wushu Studios

Who would have thought? To this end, they are now working on a SciFi action title utilizing Unreal Engine 4, and are actively recruiting new developers to join the team in Liverpool over the coming months.

A new indie development team has been formed in Liverpool by Ex-MotorStorm and Driveclub developers called Wushu Studios.

OnlySP recently had the chance to talk to the talent at this new studio, and our interview will be available later this week for those wanting a tad more information about the team's heritage.

Since then, Alan has been focused on bringing together a talented and passionate crew of former colleagues, industry veterans and exciting emerging talent to develop a unique and compelling new game concept.

Wushu Studios is the joint venture of some of the former developers from Sony Interactive Entertainment's Evolution Studios.

There is studio lead Alan McDermott which worked at Evolution Studios and PlayStation for the past 11 years; there's Nigel Kershaw, the design director, which has been working in the video games industry for almost 30 years; and then there's Stuart Trevor, an industry veteran of 15 years, heads up the artistic side of the party as studio art director, who has worked on major IPs and brands such as Dark Souls, Saint's Row, SEGA, Adidas and Ford. This approach has helped us figure out which of our concepts would allow us to flex our creative muscle most. They seem to already be on the right track since they believe that they'll be able to show their project at GDC this March. The studio now employs 11 people and "is expanding" over time.

"Whilst we're open to any and all discussions that could help us realize our vision for the game, our current objective is to team up with a partner that cannot only provide additional funding for development, but that also has experience and established profile in the industry". Are you excited to see what Wushu Studios have cooking up in the lab? What could this upcoming sci-fi project be about?