LAPD Launches Sexual Assault Investigation Against Steven Seagal

  • LAPD Launches Sexual Assault Investigation Against Steven Seagal

LAPD Launches Sexual Assault Investigation Against Steven Seagal

Regina Simons told the publication that Seagal raped her at his home in 1993, shortly after she turned 18. A lady named Regina Simons, who was employed as a supplementary about the 1994 film "On Earth", which starred Seagal, instructed.

'He took me into this room and then just closed the door and started kissing me, ' she recalled. Then he took my clothes off and before I realized that it was at the top of me, tripping me. When I was around 20 I was auditioning for a movie with #StevenSeagal and was sexually assaulted by him. People always speak about fight-or-flight. On arrival, she discovered that no one else was there and says she "froze" when Seagal began to have sex with her. Simons said: "I think because of the situation I was completely caught off guard".

The Los Angeles Police Department is now investigating a sexual assault claim against Steven Seagal, who has been accused of various sexual misconduct allegations over the past few weeks, according to multiple reports. "I assumed the PA and casting director were already in the room, but when I arrived no one was there but Steven and his security, who stood blocking the door".

Simons said the alleged incident damaged her acting career. Even now, my 43-year-old mind knows how to process this and understand what a loving relationship is and what consensual sex is. Seagal has denied some of those claims.

She "sort of screamed" her way out and was "unscathed", she told radio station Sirius XM. And Dutch model Faviola Dadis has told the LAPD that Seagal sexually assaulted her during an audition in 2002. This probably isn't that shocking since the news comes after Jenny McCarthy, Julianna Margulies, Portia de Rossi, and others have come forward to share their experience with the famed action star back in November 2017. I noted this was a bit odd, but he apologized and explained they had other obligations.

"All I remember is him asking me if I needed any money", she said. "I was hesitant and expressed this, then he started fondling my breasts and grabbing my crotch".

De Rossi claimed that during a final audition for a Seagal movie in his office, he unzipped his leather pants in front of her as he discussed off-screen chemistry.