Trump Caves To Federal Court, Continues DACA Renewals

  • Trump Caves To Federal Court, Continues DACA Renewals

Trump Caves To Federal Court, Continues DACA Renewals

In Trump's first year in office, border crossings overall have been down, he has given the Border Patrol the ability to do its job - and then there is DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), which Trump made a decision to end.

In December, Kelly attended some meetings at the White House with Republican lawmakers from both chambers to talk about a possible immigration deal.

On Thursday, reports surfaced that Trump referred to Haiti and African nations as "s--hole countries" in a meeting that day with lawmakers.

Trump tweeted Sunday morning that his proposed immigration reforms are about making American "strong and great again".

He said Senator Dick Durbin, a Democrat, and Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, were mistaken in indicating earlier that that was the case. So far, a deal has not been reached.

Senators cautioned against calling the agreement a "deal" on DACA - Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals - saying the president's support was crucial to reaching a true deal.

"I hope we can move beyond that". "The President invited us to - at his little get-together in the Cabinet room - to come up with proposals, and we did".

When Republican senators visited President Donald Trump last week at the White House, they posed a significant question: Why is no one from the administration in charge of immigration negotiations?

White House legislative director Marc Short told reporters on Capitol Hill after the meeting that the President wants a "broader" deal on the family piece than just the covered recipients.

"There is a reason why the President has said that is not acceptable to him and sent everybody back to the same drawing board that Kevin McCarthy drew up on Tuesday", [Senator Tom] Cotton said after the meeting.

A bipartisan group of US senators has reached a deal on protecting young immigrant "Dreamers" from deportation as part of a broader immigration plan, a spokesman for Republican Senator Jeff Flake said on Thursday.

CASSIDY: It is about border security. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA). John Cornyn of Texas, the GOP Whip.

The judge also ordered to resume accepting renewal applications from undocumented youth migrants or "Dreamers" until all pending legal challenges are resolved in different courts across the country. Let the Dreamers stay and apply for citizenship like all the others who are applying must do; end chain migration; and finally change the lottery immigration system to one based on merit depending on what skills are most important to our changing economy.

"We don't want to be basically the bargaining chip to basically tell the president, or even the congress - "do it", you know - and we're giving up this for the community that will get affected", said "Dreamer" Diana Sanchez.

"Hold up on that, because we need to see how USCIS will renew their procedure and if the administration is going to appeal and the likelihood is, yes", Aguayo stated. Richard Durbin of IL - a leader of the bipartisan Senate group - was among the seven lawmakers at the noontime meeting.