Google Assistant Smart Screens Coming Later this Year

  • Google Assistant Smart Screens Coming Later this Year

Google Assistant Smart Screens Coming Later this Year

CES 2018 kicked off a few days ago, and already fans have noticed that Google and Amazon are locked in a battle for smart devices that are powered by Google Assistant and Alexa. Indeed, insiders say, there are concerns within Google that it is losing market share and needs to catch up.

On the show floor, it smoothly scrolled through demo applications popping up info in ways we're used to seeing on our phones or through Android Auto. The company has plans to integrate the AI-based digital assistant in the form of the Alexa mobile accessory kit with devices like headphones, smart watches and wristbands other hearable devices.

With CES coming fast, more and more juicy tech morsels are eeking their way out into the news.

Being powered by Google's services, the Lenovo's Smart Display comes with all types of features and it will give you the best of experience of using a digital smart display with advanced technical features. Several large video billboards around the conference centre are dedicated to advertising the Google Assistant.

Customers with an Insteon hub can link their Google Home App or Google Assistant accounts from their smartphones. "Google has many more moving forward there are question marks about how long Amazon can sustain the growth".

Now that you know the Klipsch speakers that will support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, would you be buying any of these products this year? This could reduce usage of Google's core services. In fact, Cortana will be competing against other assistants this year with more presence on devices.

Amazon is constantly improving its intelligent personal assistant Alexa, connecting it with various house appliances, so that you can remotely do just about anything. Lenovo's Smart Display, for instance - our Best IoT/Smart Home award victor this year - pairs the AI technology with two different sizes of touchscreen, aiming to conquer a place on the kitchen counter that until now might have been home to an Amazon Echo Show.