Friend With Dirt Under Nails Arrested in Student's Death

  • Friend With Dirt Under Nails Arrested in Student's Death

Friend With Dirt Under Nails Arrested in Student's Death

Authorities announced Friday that a suspect was arrested in connection to the death of University of Pennsylvania student Blake Bernstein.

Barnes refused to discuss what murder weapon was allegedly used.

There was no word on any possible motive in the killing of Bernstein.

Detectives said, however, that the friend's story - which included driving away from the park where he had dropped off Bernstein after not hearing from him for an hour - "stayed fairly consistent" across two interviews. A spokeswoman for Orange County Superior Court said the document obtained by the newspaper was later placed under seal. "With his death, a attractive life has been extinguished".

He added that both the Bernstein and Woodward families "are good people" whose lives "have been turned upside down" as a result of the alleged fatal attack.

Woodward told investigators that he left the park after Bernstein went out and didn't return or respond to social media messages.

Woodward listed his occupation as "Nerf games", according to the jail's website.

Orange County Undersheriff Don Barnes said Woodward was not initially a homicide suspect in the case, but that he had been under surveillance "for some time" as authorities investigated the case.

It was ultimately DNA evidence that helped investigators initiate the arrest of Woodward.

"We Do Believe Mr. Woodward to Mr. Bernstein", Barnes said Friday.

An autopsy was underway to determine Bernstein's exact cause of death. "Woodward was acting alone", Barnes said.

A man described as the last known person to have seen Blaze Bernstein alive was arrested Friday in connection with the Ivy League student's death, authorities said.

It's unclear whether the unnamed friend is Woodward.

"We will continue to search for justice for Blaze and his family", Annee Della Donna, an attorney for the Bernstein family, said at the press conference, according to the Daily Pennsylvanian. He told relatives he was meeting up with his friends.

Bernstein, 19, went missing overnight on January 2 after he and the friend reportedly had met up that night and later drove to Borrego Park, near Bernstein's parents' home in Foothill Ranch, roughly 50 miles southeast of Los Angeles. He said the scratches and abrasions were from a "fight club" he was involved in. The friend also appeared to have dirt under his fingernails. They asked him how his hands got so dirty and he said he "fell into a dirt puddle" during the sparring session. Investigators also noticed the friend appeared to "breathing heavy, talking fast, and visibly shaking".

In one interview, the friend could not recall his girlfriend's last name, the Register reported.

Bernstein went missing just five days before he was planning on returning to Penn for the start of his second semester. After graduation, Blaze enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania and moved to an off-campus apartment close to the school. A woman, speaking from behind the door, said she had "no comment to make". "Hug your friends and roommates. Find unity and strength, together".