Deneuve, others denounce the #MeToo movement

  • Deneuve, others denounce the #MeToo movement

Deneuve, others denounce the #MeToo movement

"In the same way, we defend a freedom to bother, indispensable to sexual freedom".

Needless to say, Le Monde letter met with a wave of backlash that was swift and biting.

Iconic French actress Catherine Deneuve, along with 100 other French actors, has attacked the "puritanism" sparked by recent sexual harassment scandals, declaring that men should be "free to hit on" women.

According to a report in ABC News, calling it "a bit like the awkward work colleague or annoying uncle who doesn't understand what's happening", women activists came down hard on Deneuve and other signatories of the letter. Marlène Schiappa, France's secretary of state for equality, called the letter "dangerous", and 30 French women, led by feminist Caroline De Haas, published a rebuttal on Wednesday.

They branded it a "witch-hunt" that they claim threatens sexual freedom. "Violence isn't heightened seduction".

Haas in her letter on Franceinfotv wrote, "It's not a difference of degrees between flirting and harassment, but a difference in nature".

The letter was published on Tuesday in the French newspaper Le Monde. And, in an interview with The Sunday Times Magazine back in 2015, rocker Chrissie Hynde, 66, said she took "full responsibility" for a sexual assault incident she experienced at age 21, in which she was raped by a motorcycle gang member who offered her a ride to a party.

"It makes sense that something so historically "normal" would be defended, if you'd lived through it & survived, you wouldn't want to feel like a fool, or a victim, and I feel that fury". Others have been more critical, such as Asia Argento, who famously accused Harvey Weinstein of rape and cites the op-ed as proof that its writers have been all but lobotomized by the patriarchy.

"Catherine Deneuve spoke blessed words", said the 81-year-old Berlusconi, who resigned in 2011 mired in scandal over his wild "Bunga Bunga" parties with young women and under investigation over having sex with an underage prostitute. Twitter user Leann wrote, "Seems to me the MeToo movement throws them all in one soup together, which is wrong". Exhausted of all this BS!

The women went on to suggest that #MeToo has led to "a fever to send the "pigs" to the slaughterhouse" - referring to the French version of the social media hashtag, #BalanceTonPorc, which roughly translates to "call out your pig".

The letter got a mostly hostile reception on social media, quickly becoming the most tweeted story onTwitter in France.