'Thor: Ragnarok' gag reel is the funniest thing of the day!

  • 'Thor: Ragnarok' gag reel is the funniest thing of the day!

'Thor: Ragnarok' gag reel is the funniest thing of the day!

The Digital HD release date for Thor: Ragnarok is February 20th, 2018.

So it's wonder that Waititi is Ragnarok's real star.

The God of Thunder's threequel is on its way to Blu-ray and DVD earlier than fans thought. He also talks about the visual effects involved in creating Korg, Sakaar and other parts of "Thor: Ragnarok". That absolutely shined through in the finished film, and of course Waititi is a fantastic filmmaker to boot, but honestly I'd also watched an entire spinoff focused on the adventures of Korg if it meant we got to see more of Waititi in front of the camera. When Chris Hemsworth's natural comic sense and timing was combined with Taika Waititi's indisputable sense of humor, the end result was fabulous and totally enjoyable. It raked in over $640 million at the box office amidst solid reviews, but hey, let's face it - it's no one's favorite Marvel movie.

The all-new gag reel shared by JoBlo seems to be a Waititi special.

Thor: Ragnarok was infectiously good craic and downright hilarious, and you can see from the video below with the cast messing around with their director, that it was as much fun to make the film as it looked like on screen.

I also present this GIF, of Waititi and Jeff Goldblum dancing, without comment.

It is obvious from the reactions of the cast members that they would love to do another film with Watiti helming the project. Entitled Team Darryl, the two-parter was originally rolled out previous year, when Chris Hemsworth and Co. poked fun at Marvel's decision to exclude the God of Thunder from Captain America: Civil War.

Chris also talks about the fantastic true story behind his new movie 12 Strong, riding a horse for the film and reveals that he was responsible for a little incident that happened on set when he tried to do too much while riding.

A Thor sequel has not been officially announced by Marvel Studios yet, as the studio has been pretty mysterious about any of the Phase 4 slate.