Sex offender's sentence delayed so he can finish university

  • Sex offender's sentence delayed so he can finish university

Sex offender's sentence delayed so he can finish university

Now, more than 40,000 people have signed an online petition urging the University of Calgary to expel the student.

The junior hockey player pleaded guilty in 2017 to sexual interference of a 13-year-old girl when he was 18.

A university student convicted of sexually exploiting a young girl may return to class after a judge delayed his sentence so he could finish his academic term.

A judge postponed his sentence until May.

"It's been two years - all of these court dates extended, extended, extended", she told the Calgary Sun.

"They're missing an opportunity to set the tone on sexual violence, and I think they can do more than just say they've asked him to stay away and they're not expelling him".

While students said the dilemma draws into question the school's commitment to protecting victims of gender-based violence, Marshall said the decision doesn't change the University of Calgary's commitment to providing a safe environment for both faculty and students.

"There were a number of safety concerns that we took into account in our decision", she said Friday."We know that victims of sexual violence ... may have been triggered by this incident and we were also anxious about his safety, given some of the commentary on social media".

The woman behind the petition says she's disappointed in the university.

"By allowing him to go on with his life normally, finishing up his semester at university, it sends the wrong message to victims of sexual violence", Casswell told the CBC.

Officials say that Neurauter hasn't been at the campus since January 9.

"Situations such as this challenge us as a community to consider all of the facts as we determine the best possible course of action for everyone involved", she said.

While rejecting claims his son received a break from the judge, Neurauter says his son still has to serve his jail sentence. He'll also be registered as a sex offender for 10 years.

But for now, the U of C has no way to outright expel Neurauter, since he wasn't a student when he committed the 2016 offence.

In a country with a reporting rate of six per cent when it comes to sex crimes, stories like Neurauter's may discourage more from coming forward, she said.

"It's time to review the roles universities play in that discussion ... it's time we came together as a collective to ensure the safety and security of our campuses", said Marshall.

"He's very remorseful ... he's learned his lesson", Neurauter added.

Neurauter is now not signed with any hockey team, but has played at the "Junior A" level, which is the second-highest rung on Canada's junior hockey ladder.

As a condition of the plea deal offered by the prosecutor, Neurauter was told he would be allowed to commence his 90-day sentence on May 4, once the semester was completed. "I was there", she said.

The victim's mother says she first heard about the petition to expel Neurauter on Tuesday. His father says his son wasn't playing hockey when the charges were laid.

"The university is reviewing the situation. We are also anxious about his safety, given some of the commentary on social media and so we have advised, based on all of our assessments that he should not return to campus this term". "We will provide further information when it is available".