Salman Yusuf Khan choreographs 'Bigg Boss 11' finale acts

  • Salman Yusuf Khan choreographs 'Bigg Boss 11' finale acts

Salman Yusuf Khan choreographs 'Bigg Boss 11' finale acts

Last night we saw, Vikas Gupta who emerged victorious in the "Arshi Chahti Hai" task, with his meanness quotient rating higher than anyone else in the house, has been armed with a special advantage! As the contestants woke up to the song, Baadshah Oh Baadshah, the "Vikas City" task continued for another day where dictator Vikas somehow convinced Shilpa Shinde to help him win the task and press the buzzer but at the same time continue to help him against Hina Khan. But Hina instead takes upon her and agrees to do it.

"Shilpa Shinde is like my mother and even my parents insisted that if I called her maa, I must live up to it". Astonished by his order, Hina has no option but to oblige. Vikas asks her to step aside as soon as she can. He orders her to keep her feet on his mother's picture and Hina very smartly pretends again as if she is trying hard to kick the cushion on which the family photo is placed but to no luck. Hina hums 'Yaad Aayenge Ye Pal', as she walks around the house. Having ordered Shilpa around the previous day, he decides to take it easy today and only places a single order before her. So far, Vikas Gupta, Hina Khan, Puneesh Sharma and Shilpa Shinde have been the four finalists of BB11. But the biggest catch is that each contestant who opts out of the task will need to give up INR 3 Lakhs from the winning amount, thus giving Vikas a chance to earn this money - a total of INR 9 Lakhs of the 3 contestants combined!

No Briefcase For Puneesh

Bigg Boss Season 11 finale will happen on Sunday while host Salman Khan will meet the contestants in tomorrow's Weekend Ka Vaar episode. Here are other updates from day 103 Vikas Gupta orders Shilpa Shinde to jump in the pool Shilpa Shinde agrees to Vikas Gupta's plan of her ouster from the game after pressing victor. Hina tells that Shilpa talks the housemates after they leave the house. Post your thoughts on in the comment section below.

"'Bigg Boss' is a huge platform and I am enjoying the entire process of choreographing the act for Season 11 finale".