Mark Hamill Reveals How Star Wars: The Force Awakens Almost Ended

  • Mark Hamill Reveals How Star Wars: The Force Awakens Almost Ended

Mark Hamill Reveals How Star Wars: The Force Awakens Almost Ended

At the end of the film (are we still doing spoiler warnings?) we learn that the Luke Skywalker that we've been seeing on the surface of Crait isn't actually there, but instead a sort of projection created by Luke on Ahch-To.

Everyone's mileage may vary when it comes to Star Wars VIII, but numerous attacks levied against the film don't hold much weight when compared to the previous films.

Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in "The Last Jedi" - which is wowing millions of 'Star Wars fans around the world - says the beauty of the country is unmatched. With new director Rian Johnson stepping in for the middle entry of this new trilogy, the immediate challenge comes from not only meeting the same level of reminiscence to past Star Wars movies but also making sure the story is being told in a fresh and exciting way that generates momentum prior to the inevitable conclusion in Episode IX. I'll take my answer off air. "I carried it around and used it for nothing except writing the script".

It's a fair point.

We definitely knew about some of them, but Lucasfilm Story Group's Leland Chee, Pablo Hidalgo, Matt Martin, and Rayne Roberts knew. well, as much as you'd expect the Star Wars folks to know about a Star Wars movie. We felt like we were home.

We see the Force perform acts of telekinesis but it also allows for mental manipulation. "We hope that these references make sense to the fans and make the aural connections that we want them to have". Noseworthy laid out how Luke's powers are foreshadowed by Snoke bridging Rey and Kylo, while Sciretta thought that the appearance of the last-minute astral projection came out of the blue. This would certainly be taking the idea to an extreme, but we're certainly led to believe that what Luke does is extreme.

Admiral Ackbar, who first appeared in 1983's Return of the Jedi, was killed off in Star Wars: The Last Jedi in an off-screen death, which many fans weren't happy with as it was disrespectful, distasteful, and empty.

Rian Johnson responded to a Twitter exchange between Bungie project leader Mark Noseworthy and /Film head Peter Sciretta.