Marcus Mariota gets boost in 'Madden' catch rating due to miracle TD

  • Marcus Mariota gets boost in 'Madden' catch rating due to miracle TD

Marcus Mariota gets boost in 'Madden' catch rating due to miracle TD

During Brady's tenure, the Patriots are 6-1 against the Titans. The task will be tough for Tennessee.

Divisional round games continue on Sunday with the AFC North champion Pittsburgh Steelers (13-3), who like the Patriots and Eagles had a first-round bye, hosting AFC South victor Jacksonville Jaguars (11-6). Will those distractions galvanize them or will they throw them off course?

"Nobody respects us. Nobody really expects a lot from us".

The Saints traded Cooks to the Patriots for a first-round draft pick, and he immediately took over for the injured Julian Edelman as New England's No. 1 receiver, notching his third consecutive 1,000-yard season despite struggling in December. He caught 20 more balls (74) than the next closest receiver on his team. Demarco Murray has been ruled out, so a steady diet of Henry runs, plus Marcus Mariota quarterback runs will be essential for the Titans to move the ball and control time of possession.

Let's hold our horses here.

Considered more of a finesse player at Oregon, Mariota has developed into more of what, traditionally, many would consider an old-fashioned football player. In fact, there are many Titans fans that are not sure he will ever be a great quarterback.

While these three players are not the stars of the game, look for each of them to try and leave their mark on the contest somehow, especially in crunch time. "Just do whatever I can to help the team win". The Titans are going to need several guys to keep Gronk in check.

No catchy line for this point.

The last time the Titans were double-digit underdogs against anyone was Week 15 of the 2015 season. Erick Decker contributed 545 yards while Corey Davis and Murray had combine for 641 yards in receptions. There can not be any slipups this week versus the Patriots. The rest of the football world will be waiting for the clock to strike midnight and for the playoff version of the Titans to revert to the turnover-prone, low-scoring team we all remember. In the end, Tennessee was able to take out the once AFC-leading Chiefs and force them to stay home.

"Tom Brady is a great quarterback, but it's a playoff game".

To get it, they'll have to stop a quarterback that has been almost unbeatable in this round of the postseason. The Titans have to bring pressure to him, especially up the middle.

The veteran pass rusher did not have the season he wanted to this year, only getting seven sacks on the season. Many thought this game was going to be against the Chiefs, but the Titans have earned the right to play in the Divisional Round. The Titans' defense was the worst unit this year at defending pass-catching. I'd be selling them hopes and dreams. They're just looking to run. But that ability, along with a speed (5.9 yards per rushing attempt for his career) few QBs have, is what makes Mariota a serious threat to the Patriots.

We basically saw this factor come into play in the wild card round.

New England will be rested and probably annoyed by the widely disputed report of turmoil within the organisation. "At the end of the day, it's not about old guys are going to win or young guys are going to win, the home team, the road team". Survive and advance or fall to the champs? And for eight long autumns, the Titans did little to be respected beyond their own locker room.