Loyal Dog Walks 40 Miles to Find Previous Owners

  • Loyal Dog Walks 40 Miles to Find Previous Owners

Loyal Dog Walks 40 Miles to Find Previous Owners

"Her heart wants to be with them but they can not keep her", the shelter wrote on Facebook.

A dog in Oklahoma who was given up for adoption missed her owners so much that she trekked almost 20 miles to try and locate them.

In fact, she missed them so much that she embarked upon a 20-mile journey back to Seminole from Prague to reunite with them, twice.

The dog is now at an animal shelter closer to her previous home until she can find a forever-home.

The foster was supposed to be temporary while the Seminole Animal Shelter found her a home, but Cathleen just couldn't wait. "I tried to get her, but I couldn't, so I called Animal Control", she said.

Many Facebook commenters lamented why a family who loved her would give her up, and some offered to adopt her. She is humble, kind and passive.

Now, the shelter is hoping to find someone to take her in. She is healthy, house broken, doesn't pull on a leash and loves to be around children.

'Cathleen has a calm temperament and wouldn't hurt a fly. Seminole Animal Shelter Treasurer Marta Mattingly said the organization had reached out to them and would post on Facebook if the family agreed. She does great with other dogs'.

For $25, Cathleen is now up for adoption, but this time at a home with a fenced yard. A 13-year-old yellow lab named Sophie who had wandered away from her family last week in ME was found buried in snow on Tuesday.