Liverpool tipped to make concerted effort to sign Christian Pulisic

  • Liverpool tipped to make concerted effort to sign Christian Pulisic

Liverpool tipped to make concerted effort to sign Christian Pulisic

He also finished third in goals during CONCACAF World Cup qualifying with seven, trailing only Guatemala's Carlos Ruiz (nine) and his United States' team-mate Jozy Altidore (eight). Despite being a part of the side that crashed out of the 2018 World Cup qualifiers, Pulisic was a bright spark, and his performances earned him recognition and a growing fan base.

"It'll never really go away", he said. "If anything, it's given me a bigger platform to just focus on at club level and do what I can here, without that in my brain".

Pulisic is already one of the biggest American footballers and United reckon a move for him would bring them commercial success in the States.

It's an indication of how real Christian Pulisic is.

Pulisic admitted he thinks the expectations that have been placed at his feet have gone a bit too far, though he understands why it has happened and doesn't think the unique in that regard.

Obviously Pulisic wouldn't be the player he is today if he had not gone to Germany to focus on soccer at such a young age, but it's a bit of a reach to completely disregard all of Pulisic's growth that put him in the position to go overseas in the first place just to take an easy swipe at U.S. Soccer.

"It took me some time, but I moved on, of course, and I think that's really important", he added.

After the qualification miss, there have been calls to overhaul the structure of everything involved with U.S. Soccer. Any Premier League team that signs Pulisic will see a huge uptick in US representation, and that is largely an untapped market for Premier League play.

"I set [myself] the huge goal of being a professional soccer player", he says. But [the winter break] has given us good time in the training camp to learn some things and see how we want to play and figure things out.

"When you do that every week, you are going to improve".

The most gifted US player of his generation admitted he is still coming to terms with the burden of being considered the national team's talisman and most important figure.

"I've come into a bigger role with the national team, but the environment here [with Dortmund] definitely helps", he says.