Ed Sheeran accused of ripping off Aussie song

  • Ed Sheeran accused of ripping off Aussie song

Ed Sheeran accused of ripping off Aussie song

"The Rest Of Our Life", which was a huge hit around the world past year, could cost everyone involved $5 million in damages after Australian musicians Sean Carey and Beau Golden have alleged that the track is a rip off of their song "When I Found You", which they penned for Jasmine Rae in 2014.

Sheeran, who frequently pens hits for other singers as well as releasing his own top-selling material, is listed as a co-writer for country couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's duet The Rest Of Our Life.

Sean Carey and Beau Golden are the Australian songwriters who filed the lawsuit, claiming the Sheeran co-written tune "blatantly copied" their 2014 song When I Found You, that was performed by Jasmine Rae, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

"['The Rest of Our Life' is] in many instances verbatim, note-for-note copying of original elements of the Song, and is obvious to the ordinary observer", the lawsuit alleges.

The song's other co-writers are Amy Wadge, Johnny McDaid and Steve Mac.

The complaint says that during a studio writing session in December, Rae had mentioned to Carey and Golden that a fan had tweeted her about the similarities between the two songs. "Indeed, it strains credibility to believe that it is just a coincidence that the Infringing Song/Infringing Sound Recording, a blatant note for note copy of the Song, was created without Mr. Holland's providing access, when Mr. Holland is the boyfriend of one of the writers of the Song", Busch says in the complaint.

According to the lawsuit, Rae was initially interested in suing the songwriters and publishers of "The Rest of Our Life", but not McGraw, Hill, or Sony.

Continuing, "When pressed further by Plaintiffs, Mr. Holland indicated that he had known that the songs were substantially similar for more than two months prior to the October 5, 2017 release date of the Infringing Song/Infringing Sound Recording".

The plaintiffs are represented by music industry attorney Richard Busch, partner in the Nashville-based firm King and Ballow. They decided immediately to file suit over the song, and Rae tried to get her boyfriend, Tim Holland, involved. Rae is not a plaintiff in the suit.

The plaintiffs claim that Holland shared Rae's "When I Found You" with the defendants "in an effort to gain exposure for Ms. Rae and promote her work".

The lawsuit, which asks for an injunction and at least $5 million in damages, was filed in NY federal court on Wednesday.

It's comforting to know that no matter where you are, and no matter what's happening in your life, you're never too far away from news that Ed Sheeran is being sued for ripping off someone else's song.

Sony/ATV, which represents Sheeran, declined to comment on the lawsuit Wednesday evening.