Donald Trump hails China for reducing commerce with North Korea

  • Donald Trump hails China for reducing commerce with North Korea

Donald Trump hails China for reducing commerce with North Korea

The spokesperson said that the Chinese side had said many times that the United States and North Korea were the direct parties to the nuclear issue on the peninsula.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will co-host the Vancouver meeting with Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland.

The meeting comes after a flurry of diplomacy between North and South Korean and fresh openness from President Trump to the prospect of talks with Pyongyang, although USA officials emphasized Thursday that North Korea's provocations can not be tolerated by the worldwide community.

Japan has also reportedly criticized the meeting.

Asked whether the U.S. and North Korea could hold talks during the Olympics, Hook said, "No". They were also responsible for creating North Korea and giving it the backing it needed to launch the Korean War.

"Like the worldwide community, we hope that the United States and North Korea will take the opposite direction and take meaningful steps towards dialogue and engagement", he added.

A resolution adopted by the UN Security Council bans UN members from importing items including coal, iron ore and seafood from North Korea.

"It is simply not possible to have meaningful outcome without China and/or Russian Federation at the table when it comes to dealing with crisis on the Korean peninsula".

Starting with Kim Jong Un's New Year's address, the regime has made a pivot away from belligerent provocations towards diplomacy, calling for a bilateral solution to the current crisis by working with South Korea.

It suggested Tuesday for a meeting with the South's three-member delegation led by Vice Minister Chun Hae-sung, to discuss the North's participation, the ministry said in a statement.

China, the main source of North Korea's fuel, did not export any gasoline, jet fuel, diesel or fuel oil to its neighbour in November.

With no change on this key point, the State Department is calling for deeper financial controls to cut off any illicit money flowing to or from the regime, said Hook.