Alabama fans celebrate National Championship win

  • Alabama fans celebrate National Championship win

Alabama fans celebrate National Championship win

While the title game and both College Football Playoff games leading up to Monday were all pretty spectacular, for some people, it wasn't enough to crown a true champion.

When he was being recruited by Saban, they reportedly gave him a tour of the Church of the Highlands, a megachurch in Tuscaloosa, and he was so impressed that he joined the church and told his family that he wanted to build a big church for his family when he got National Football League money. Georgia just couldn't seal it up, reminding us of another Georgia team who threw away a football championship last season.

The players, as is normal in college football, were not yet on the field for the anthem. The only blemish on his stat line was an interception that came out of a poor decision on a rollout to the left. This was the first year that scenario arose and it won't be the last.

I had sympathy for Crimson Tide place kicker Andy Pappanastos when he shanked the game-winning field goal attempt at the end of regulation in Monday night's thrilling national championship game in Atlanta. There isn't necessarily a wrong answer to which team should have been fourth.

"We got lots of support from our fans, and we love each and every one of them", said Hardman. I believe that was my sophomore year. That's like curving a test, which is cool for the students, but there's a reason it doesn't usually happen. We couldn't get off the field on third down and the offense couldn't make a first down, so it was hard to make adjustments on the sideline because we were out there all the time. The system isn't broke, so don't fix it.

Wisconsin (13-1), Penn State (11-2), TCU (11-3) and Auburn (10-4) ranked seventh through 10th respectively.

It took two seasons for Kirby Smart to bring the Bulldogs closer to a title than they had been in 35 years.

Some coaches have emerged during that period as vanquishers such as Ohio State's Urban Meyer and Clemson's Dabo Sweeney, but neither has been able to build such a vaunted and unimpeachable dynasty. TCU got blasted by Oklahoma, twice.

The Bulldogs, however, joined a much smaller list of SEC teams that suffered heartbreak when the crown is within their reach. Of all the championships Alabama has won, some say this one just feels more special. But until the CFP eventually expands to eight teams, the word "IF" will always be associated with the process. Nonconference games don't matter because all you have to do is win the conference. This worked out exceptionally well for the program, as he won six national titles while coaching the team from 1958 to 1981. I don't. A four-loss team in the playoffs? "I think (Hurts) understood that". Why did they lose three games? "He'll do good the next game". But if you expand the playoff, you'll have a three-loss team competing for a national championship more often than not.

All six major bowls that are now in the College Football Playoff semifinals rotation could host playoff games every year.