Trump admin decides not to drill off Florida after Rick Scott lobbying

  • Trump admin decides not to drill off Florida after Rick Scott lobbying

Trump admin decides not to drill off Florida after Rick Scott lobbying

Florida Governor Rick Scott - a Republican - is against oil and gas exploration off his state's coast, and is planning a run for U.S. Senate.

"For someone to suggest that they're protecting Florida coast when they've done nothing to move away from risky fossil fuels - which is creating climate impacts like sea level rise, which threaten our coasts", Glckman said. "Where do we sign up for a waiver @SecretaryZinke?".

Governors of several other coastal states, including North Carolina, quickly asked for the same favor. South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster is also asking for an exemption for his state, citing the possible effects on the tourism industry there.

A last-minute meeting at the Tallahassee Airport turned into a political victory for Gov. Rick Scott on Tuesday when the Trump administration announced offshore drilling was "off the table" for the Sunshine State.

"The plan would determine the size, timing and location of leasing activities and would replace President Barack Obama's 2017-2022 program". Since then, the average annual oil spill totals have dropped substantially, according to the U.S. Coast Guard, from 11.8 million gallons spilled in American waters each year to 1.5 million per year.

Scott's statement led to claims that Scott had flip-flopped on offshore oil drilling.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said the plan would "exploit our oceans with great potential risk to our handsome coastlines", and that he plans to work with Oregon Gov. Kate Brown and California Gov.

But one week later came the carve-out for Florida.

"Based on media reports, it is likely that the Department of the Interior will consider Florida as a potential state for offshore oil drilling - which is something I oppose in Florida", Scott said in a prepared statement Thursday.

"California is also "unique" & our "coasts are heavily reliant on tourism as an economic driver, '" California Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) tweeted".

Becerra added, "we, too, should be removed from your list".

The biggest state that will have a right to complain is California, which had experience with an offshore drilling platform sending oil onto its beaches in 1969 and would like to avoid a repeat.

This is good news for California where an equally straightforward Gov. Drilling has continued on older, pre-existing leases.

Some Republicans are keen on the drilling plan, with Alaska senator Lisa Murkowski calling it a "positive step". The Oregon and Washington coastlines are also stark, lovely and full of tourists. Singling out one state for exemption "may well violate federal law" that requires formal notice and comment period before taking regulatory action, he said. The group called the Florida withdrawal "premature" and said restricting access to the Eastern Gulf of Mexico in particular "puts hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk across the country and along the Gulf Coast".