This is why Congress, Aadhaar petitioners are opposing new 'Virtual ID' feature

  • This is why Congress, Aadhaar petitioners are opposing new 'Virtual ID' feature

This is why Congress, Aadhaar petitioners are opposing new 'Virtual ID' feature

"I do not have an opinion on this". It is like a camouflaged Aadhaar number, where you go to our website, and then enter your own Aadhaar number.

Virtual Aadhaar ID: How Will It Work? Instead, a random 16-digit Virtual ID number would be generated and could be used in lieu of Aadhaar with the authorised agency like banks and telecom service providers.

The authority will give several options to the Aadhaar number holders to generate the VID, replace the existing VID with a new one, and retrieve the VID if they have forgotten it.

Virtual IDs (VID) is a 16-digit code that can mask one's Aadhaar number for a temporary period was introduced.

Users can generate as many Virtual IDs as he or she wants, but the newly generated ID will automatically cancel the older one. However, in the wake of the news UIDAI claimed that Aadhaar was completely secure and that leaking of demographic details didn't matter. Only the Aadhaar number holder can generate the VID.

"There is hundred per cent an orchestrated campaign to see how Aadhaar gets maligned, yes absolutely", PTI quoted Nilekani as telling a TV channel on the sidelines of an event, in response to the filing of an FIR against The Tribune newspaper over a report related to Aadhaar data breach.

Meanwhile, Many people have been opposing the mandatory linking of Aadhaar with other services over privacy concerns. 210 government published at least 13 crore Aadhaar numbers in the past and the risk of people having these numbers already is very high.

A day after the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) introduced a new safety feature "Virtual ID" to safeguard Aadhaar data, several voices questioning the move have been raised. A second security measure prevents secondary agencies from storing an individual's Aadhaar number.

This will discourage the collection of Aadhaar numbers by various agencies. There were further news reports of police reports being filed against the reporters, which were denied by UIDAI and MeitY. To use the IVR verification option, your mobile number has to be registered with the UIDAI database and your Aadhaar card and mobile number should be from the same state. The complete statement from UIDAI is available here.

Following its suspension, Airtel Payments Bank had launched a probe, wherein it was observed that some retailers, who were also acting as designated banking points, had not informed customers about savings account opening and direct benefit transfer (DBT) receipts in an upfront manner. The latest security breach was exposed by The Tribune, where Aadhaar details could be bought on WhatsApp for just Rs 500.

The UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India has introduced an optional method of Aadhaar authentication. That remains suspended till final enquiry and audit (here and here).