Nearly 200 patients wait more than 24 hours in A&E

  • Nearly 200 patients wait more than 24 hours in A&E

Nearly 200 patients wait more than 24 hours in A&E

This is the highest level of alert, which usually means bed capacity has been reached and that patients arriving at A&E will have to be taken to another hospital. She said it was too soon to know what affect the delay had had on her mother's health.

"If you are unsure you can call the NHS 111 service to speak to a trained call handler who can arrange for you to be seen by an out of hours GP service or call an ambulance if that's what you need". This is likely to affect around 50,000 procedures in England.

Some 16,893 people were forced to wait for more than 30 minutes to be seen by staff at emergency departments over Christmas, up from 11,852 the previous week.

'I came on to shift yesterday afternoon and there were patients literally everywhere, ' he said.

Mark Nevinson, a nurse at James Cook Hospital, tweeted that he was "ashamed of the substandard care we are now offering". We have an extraordinary number of people waiting for a bed. We didn't have the physical space.

"The perennial pressures on our Emergency Departments is not the fault of the patient or staff".

"Patient safety remains our top priority".

Kent Online has asked the East Kent Hospitals University Foundation NHS Trust for a comment.

"The public are reminded that they should only attend hospital emergency departments for urgent and life-threatening conditions".

Many hospitals in Britain are canceling all routine appointments and surgeries until February as they struggle to handle spikes in demand during the winter season.

BMA representative body chair Anthea Mowat said: 'What is happening in our A&Es is symptomatic of pressures across the entire system.

The Local Government Association said the NHS's problems showed the urgent need for money to plug the £2.3bn gap in local authority social care funding that would arise by 2020. Short-term fixes, however well-meaning, will only get us so far.

She added that the winter pressures facing the NHS had been "planned for better than ever before".

Britons are fiercely proud of their national health service, but it is not uncommon for hospitals to face significant strain during the winter months when they don't have many spare beds and there is greater demand.

BMA GPs committee chair Richard Vautrey said: 'With limited resources and rising demand it's the right thing to prioritise the sickest but this is yet another sign of how much pressure the NHS is under. Patients are meant to be handed over to staff within 15 minutes, but more than 75,000 have waited at least twice as long as that in England.

Anas Sarwar, the Scottish Labour health spokesman, said the increase in flu cases was "concerning" but "the rise in numbers of people being affected should not be used as an excuse by an SNP government which has left our NHS under-pressure and under-resourced".

In the first four days of 2018, there have been more mentions of "NHS" with "winter crisis" in British newspapers than in the entire period from 2003 to 2009.

Butler-Smith posted a picture of the ambulances waiting outside A&E to Facebook when she noticed that ambulance staff appeared concerned about the delays in handing over patients.

As a result, we expect to have to reschedule some operations over the coming weeks, and I would like apologise to those patients in advance.