Google & Amazon Square Up At CES For Brutal Voice Battle

  • Google & Amazon Square Up At CES For Brutal Voice Battle

Google & Amazon Square Up At CES For Brutal Voice Battle

The Las Vegas Convention Center, where CES is taking place, is now experiencing what event organizers are calling an "isolated power outage".

The rare blackout follows rains that had shuttered some events at the show, whose location in the Nevada desert usually offers visitors a respite from snow and frigid temperatures elsewhere in the country.

CES is typically when Samsung, LG and other manufacturers announce their TV lineups for the year.

By the end of this week's show we should have a better sense for whether Amazon will extend its lead or if Google Assistant will make serious inroads against Alexa in the coming year.

When CES rolls around every year, there are the inevitable slew of launches from consumer technology firms, eager to make a splash at the show with the largest TV, the smartest appliance, the most innovative vehicle. They are moving out of smart speakers and will appear in everything from automobiles to microwaves. Companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Google will take a break from promoting their own devices to strike up partnerships with third-parties. It will be a prime focus of announcements from companies including Ericsson, Intel and Qualcomm. Will next maybe Alexa, Bixby or Google Assistant?

Despite being a convention dedicated to incredible (and sometimes very bizarre) upcoming technology, the Consumer Electronics Show is subject to power loss like anything else.

United Nations just reported to the media that they are pretending that about 60% of the world's population will live in urban areas by 2030.

Following the deadly mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest music festival in the city in October, CES organisers have also confirmed the introduction of new security measures around the event, with more stringent identification and bag check procedures set to be in place around show venues. They could be used the aid performance, help injury recovery or to give real-time updates on an athlete's performance during a big game. eSports will also have a presence in the sports section.

Smart home products like the Google Home speaker will be on display at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. There will even be a robot that folds your laundry-though at a snail's pace of one shirt every two minutes.

Companion robots are also on the rise, though perhaps a few years behind.

The mega event will highlight numerous key trends like the ones involving voice-controlled devices and connected cars that will mark its significance in the future years.

CES is not a vehicle show, but many big name auto manufacturers will have flashy displays and events this year. That will consist of matters like low-latency portable broadband in your auto. Numerous products will be quickly forgotten - like last year's wi-fi connected trash can with voice controls. Network-equipment makers, for instance, might use the show to display technologies for next-generation 5G wireless networks, which promise to be much faster than the existing 4G LTE.

The show has been held in the Las Vegas Convention Center in Nevada ever since. The Las Vegas Strip is now plastered with Google branding.