Dick Vitale Isn't Happy With ESPN's LaVar Ball Coverage

  • Dick Vitale Isn't Happy With ESPN's LaVar Ball Coverage

Dick Vitale Isn't Happy With ESPN's LaVar Ball Coverage

LaVar is only going to go away when the news stops making him news, and as much as they hate to admit it, that isn't happening anytime soon. But the Lakers as a team are just 12-27. Do the Lakers really want to watch Randle average double-doubles somewhere else for the next 10 years? There's never been this much attention paid to the father of an National Basketball Association player, even if a mother or father did feel their son deserved more minutes. Before the 2017-18 season, LaVar Ball also told Walton directly he would not undermine him publicly.

This prompted a reaction from former Detroit Pistons and current Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle, who quickly jumped to Walton's defense while criticizing ESPN for publishing Ball's remarks.

"I've talked to people in the media this year, I've said, 'Why do you guys have to cover that guy, '" Kerr said. And there's clearly an audience out there for this, whether Carlisle and I like it or not. It was just the fifth time this season he cracked 30 minutes. LaVar responded by telling her to "stay in your lane", which was, if not sexist, at least dismissive and inappropriate. No high-fives when they come out of the game. "I got a problem with ESPN deciding that's a story".

He goes on to say there is "a lot of white noise", which sounds like a nice subtle shot at the big mouth Ball. "When you try and do it your way: Goodbye".

The topic suited Warriors coach Steve Kerr perfectly.

Lonzo doesn't need to threaten to disown his father, but it's clear that LaVar loves his sons, perhaps enough to actually listen to them.

NBA coaches are growing tired of the media coverage of La Var Ball
NBA coaches are growing tired of the media coverage of La Var Ball

These aren't examples censuring LaVar's self-promotion.

The most worrisome aspect of the whole saga - even more distressing than the Lakers' futility in persuading LaVar to uphold his many promises to cease causing distractions - was Lonzo Ball's muted response.

Comments such as those might be obnoxious, but they aren't necessarily harmful to his children. That's what is true in politics and entertainment and now in sports.

Walton had to juggle lineups and rotations with injuries to starters such as Ball, Brook Lopez and Ingram while also having to deal with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope not being allowed to play out of California due to legal restrictions stemming from a plea agreement out of his March arrest under suspicion of drunk driving.

You know there are parents out there watching what LaVar is doing and using it as a blueprint. Many around the league believe that he will walk this summer if the Cavs fail to dethrone the Golden State Warriors, who will be heavy favorites regardless of who they play in the NBA Finals. They're seeing that the squeaky, pompous, bloviating, self-serving wheel is getting every ounce of grease it desires. One of the most outspoken and controversial figures in the world of sports, LaVar Ball never hesitates to speak his mind, consequences be damned.