CES 2018 Highlights: Amazon, LG, Asus and Many More Announcements

  • CES 2018 Highlights: Amazon, LG, Asus and Many More Announcements

CES 2018 Highlights: Amazon, LG, Asus and Many More Announcements

"At Samsung, security is our top priority in developing Smart TV technology". The show also features futuristic concepts, such as a display you can roll up like wrapping paper and hide away.

We were a underwhelmed by Samsung's press conference at this year's CES.

As expected, many of these are TVs, as CES is the TV trade show.

Based on my impressions, The Wall and MicroLED very much challenge OLED for TV picture supremacy. OLED TVs on the other hand don't need a backlight as each OLED emits its own light source, giving absolute black levels. That is something you would only expect from a projected screen. According to Samsung: "Users can add or remove modules to make their TV bigger or smaller, in any configuration, removing previous limitations on screen size, with zero impact on the performance of the display". In other words, aside from its ridiculous size, The Wall is as close to the ideal new TV as we've seen so far from any brand.

Meanwhile Korean compatriot Samsung's 2018 QLED televisions will come with the Bixby Assistant built in, and access to Samsung's SmartThings platform.

The TV is "a milestone for the 8K era and underscores the exciting potential of OLED", In-Byung Kang, the LG Display chief technical officer said in a recital.

It says the device is its first-ever MicroLED television for consumers. Moreover, the screen can be customized for different purposes.

The company unveiled its 146-inch television screen "The Wall" this week at CES 2018 in Las Vegas.

Beyond saying it would ship this year, no pricing or availability for MicroLED was announced.

The 146-inch size might seem random, but it's actually just tall enough to be able to cover most home walls from the floor to the ceiling.

So there you have it, next-generation electro-QLED technology has finally arrived and so far its specs indicate something that could blow both current LCD TVs and the best that OLED offers out of the water, if only we can soon start seeing more normal-sized versions of this monster TV on the market.