Bear attacks man in Naples near high school

  • Bear attacks man in Naples near high school

Bear attacks man in Naples near high school

Meunier suffered a minor facial laceration from attack and received 41 stitches.

According to ABC News, Andy Meunier had just opened the door to his Naples home to accommodate his dog when he turned and saw a bear staring him down.

"Truthfully, I'm not sure how I got out alive".

Meunier had a few jokes about the attack, saying that he lost a boxing match with a bear.

'I came outside and he was right there, ' Meunier told WINK News.

Several neighbors tell Fort Myers-based WFTX they've seen a mama bear and her cubs roaming around the complex. 'And I tried to run but it wasn't fast enough'. He managed to get up and back into his apartment where his 7-year-old was sleeping before the bear could attack again.

"It felt like somebody punch me", he said. "It wasn't until I got back inside, looked down at my hand and saw blood all over".

Adding, 'It could've been a totally different story'.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission set another bear trap near Amerine's home on the edge of the property. 'And like I said, she's had three cubs around with her'.

Pictured, Andrew Meunier who survived a bear attack.While Andrew Meunier may have survived a bear attack, neighbors and locals are in fear and trepidation....

FWC officers will also be searching for the bears in addition to setting up the traps. The bear attack makes his the first recorded case of a human injury caused by a bear in south Florida.