At CES, Intel chief mum on shares sale after bug disclosure

  • At CES, Intel chief mum on shares sale after bug disclosure

At CES, Intel chief mum on shares sale after bug disclosure

Alternatives include Advanced Micro Devices, which shares with Intel a chip architecture called x86, or chips based on technology from ARM Holdings or graphics processing chips, which were developed for different tasks than Intel and AMD's central processing units, or CPUs.

Krzanich was the keynote speaker at the Consumer Electronics Show.

The vehicle includes 12 cameras, radars, laser scanners and computing technologies developed by Mobileye and Intel, according to a CNBC report. The company's emergence in this area is no surprise, given it bought Mobileye, an autonomous auto software firm, for $15 billion previous year, but Intel seems to be making progress, demonstrating a auto with 12 cameras and a 180-degree field of view, letting the vehicle "see" up to 300 metres ahead.

Similar announcements came from Levi & Korsinky, Block & Leviton and Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, with the firms also pointing to reports that Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich sold Intel stock in November months after the company was informed of the defect by Google.

After the wake of news of the major security flaw involving Intel microprocessors, CEO Bryan Krzanich intends to tackle it head on by creating a new internal security group.

Since last week the world's largest vendors have been rushing to address flaws found in Intel chips, with Intel's share price taking a hammering in the process. Such a leak could potentially expose stored passwords and other sensitive data, including personal photos, emails and instant messages.

"At Intel, we not only see a world of infinite possibilities where technology makes our lives easier, we see a future where technology makes the world a better place".

Intel also unveiled its new generation of Wifi chips that enable surfing at 40 percent higher speeds.

Krzanich said: "We are still discovering new ways to apply the power of AI and data". But how this is changing technology is essentially with the way the data is used. Krzanich showed off another new chip during his keynote, and it's a doozy: A 49-qubit chip for quantum computing.

Mr. Krzanich also announced a partnership with Paramount Pictures Corporation. These advances, including quantum and neuromorphic computing, have the potential to help industries, research institutions and society solve problems that now overwhelm today's classical computers.

According to Krzanich, this development will go some way towards allowing the still-nascent quantum computing to fulfil its potential.

At the same CES event Krzanich disclosed that with Intel being the technology partner during this year's winter Olympics being held in Pyeongchang, the chip maker would offer the biggest ever virtual reality experience in some 30 events.