A Closer Look At LG's OLED G8 & Nano Cell TVs - CES 2018

  • A Closer Look At LG's OLED G8 & Nano Cell TVs - CES 2018

A Closer Look At LG's OLED G8 & Nano Cell TVs - CES 2018

While the 65-inch rollable UHD LG OLED display could easily become the star of the event, it has some serious competition too. The all new 65 Inch Rollable OLED display grabs many eyeballs and headlines as this is world's first OLED display to have a rollable feature which is in fact completely flexible. LCDs with 8K resolution, however, inevitably get heavier and thicker because backlight units need to be placed directly behind the panels to achieve the same level of brightness and picture quality as 4K products.

This means the display can be customised to a size specification that suits the user.

Its newest Alpha 9 intelligent processor will also be embedded into TVs to provide true-to-life images with rich colors, sharpness and depth for more realism, LG said. In all, LG rolled out nine 4K LG AI OLED TVs, ranging from 55 in.to 77 in., and seven 4K LG AI SUPER UHD TV models, ranging from 55 to 75 in.

The firm's new 4K TV can be rolled in a tube form and carried around in a box, making it highly portable.

LG will integrate its A.I. platform across its full product lines, including smart TVs, refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens and other home appliances, as well as systems for connected cars. This startlingly slim TV drops all the normal gubbins you expect from a TV, leaving you with the OLED panel that you affix to the wall, with an accompanying Dolby Atmos soundbar that also contains all the connections and brains to drive the TV.

The benefits of Google Assistant include the ability to uses voice commands to control TV functions, search for content over-the-air or on various streaming partners, or control other connected IoT devices in the network.

The big difference between LG and Samsung's flagship sets is the type of panel used. LG's new display, however, seems more advanced and bigger in scale.

This is actually the secret to the monitor - an OLED screen created to be so thin that it becomes as flexible as a thin strip of film or a sheet of paper.

"The growing number of available OLED TV choices, especially high-profile Japanese and European brands, has resulted in more competition and pricing promotion activity in the OLED TV market".