BMW 8-Series Convertible, Fisker EMotion, Kia Niro EV

  • BMW 8-Series Convertible, Fisker EMotion, Kia Niro EV

BMW 8-Series Convertible, Fisker EMotion, Kia Niro EV

However, Fisker is promising even more range once the auto is fitted with a still-in-development solid-state battery.

Fisker is officially back with the debut of its Emotion electric auto at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show.

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We must first discuss the looks.

The iconic designer behind classics like the BMW V8 and a number of Aston Martins is launching a new electric vehicle.

Both the front and rear doors feature butterfly designs, that when open really showcase a deceptively roomy interior. Like with Teslas, Fisker says the doors can be controlled with a phone app. It's big, too: 5m in length and 1.4m in height, around the size of a BMW 5 Series.

The auto, which has 24-inch Pirelli tires and all-wheel drive, comes with four seats - though an extra one can be added - as can a 27-inch curved TV.

The speed on offer is something else entirely.

The EMotion is powered by a set of electric motors generating at least 575kW of power, with drive sent to all four wheels.

The range? Fisker reckons on more than 400 miles.

The vehicle is also set to be pretty smart, featuring a Level 4 autonomous driving system, which should allow the auto to self-drive without a human driver needing to be alert behind the wheel. "While unveiling the EMotion, he added: "[It] will be produced in the United States at a location to be announced during the second half of 2018".

There is word however, on Fisker's other little project: a new solid-state battery. While Fisker is still using a Lithium-ion battery, the auto manufacturer has been able to construct a battery pack capable of both cooling efficiently and packing in cells tightly.

The showpiece of this tech? Previously, we had learned of its fantastic, 400-plus-mile range and swift charging capabilities.

"With the EMotion, we're introducing edgy, dramatic and emotionally-charged design/proportions complemented with technological innovation that moves us into the future", stated Henrik Fisker. When on sale in the U.S. in 2019, it'll be priced from $129,900 (£96,061 at current exchange rates).

It's certainly a good-looking thing...