Foot Traffic Analysis Shows Height of Black Friday Retail Bump

  • Foot Traffic Analysis Shows Height of Black Friday Retail Bump

Foot Traffic Analysis Shows Height of Black Friday Retail Bump

While the average spending per-person was $335, the 65 million people who shopped both online in stores $82 more than the 58 million who shopped online only, and $49 more than the 51 million who only shopped in stores.

Thanksgiving Day 2017 also reportedly featured the biggest discounts on apparel, computers, and sporting goods, and many retailers are expected to have sold out of product categories like appliances, tablets, and televisions, even before Black Friday arrived. Retail web traffic increased almost 12% on Cyber Monday.

Adobe Analytics said online shopping over the five days was a record $19.6 billion. The fact that so much shopping was done on Thanksgiving Day alone says a lot about society, and most of it was on mobile.

And that's OK, said Matthew Shay, CEO of the National Retail Federation. But he warned that the weekend is not a definite predictor of the rest of the holiday period.

Adobe found the holiday shopping season so far (November 1 to 27) drove a total of $50 billion in online revenue, a 16.8 percent increase. "At the end of the day, a sale is a sale is a sale, whether it happens in-store or online", he said.

However footfall in physical stores fell 3.6 per cent, according to retail analysis firm Springboard. Online leader Amazon has entered into the holiday season with a newly magnified brick-and-mortar presence, with more than a dozen Amazon Books stores, which also sell toys, electronics and small gifts.

That's why while online sales are cutting into brick-and-mortar retailers' profits, those companies have to go online or face losing market share, said Gerald Storch, chief executive of Storch Advisors. Many retailers started sales the Monday before Thanksgiving - though H&M and Amazon kicked off markdowns before that - and let them bleed into the weekend, through Cyber Monday, and into today.

"It's become a habit and tradition for some people to look what's out there on Monday", said Sucharita Mulpuru, a retail analyst at Forrester Research.

The organization estimates total holiday sales will rise between 3.6 and 4.0 percent compared with previous year."From good weather across the country to low unemployment and strong consumer confidence, the climate was right, literally and figuratively, for consumers to tackle their holiday shopping lists online and in stores", NRF chief executive Matthew Shay said in a news release. In Alabama, a mall was forced to shut down even before Black Friday officially kicked off at midnight after fighting broke out, while full-grown adult Walmart shoppers went viral on social media after getting into a brawl over a toy vehicle.

The NRF says those results emphasize the importance of finding channel-agnostic ways of evaluating how people shop.

Store-based retailers have staked their ground, too, and have made sure they have inventory in the right place this year, Accenture's Standish said.