Jinnah's daughter Dina Wadia passes away at 98

  • Jinnah's daughter Dina Wadia passes away at 98

Jinnah's daughter Dina Wadia passes away at 98

She lived in NY after her divorce from Neville Wadia.

Ms Wadia was born around the midnight of August 14-15, 1919 in a cinema theatre in London where her parents, Jinnah and Rattanbai, were watching a film, quoting historian Stanley Wolpert, community website Parshi Khabar said.

Dina, the only daughter of the Quaid-e-Azam, passed away at her home in NY on Thursday, a spokesperson for the Wadia Group said in a statement. Dina was given a name at the age of ten. Jinnah came from an orthodox Muslim Khoja family whereas Ruttie was Parsi and had a pampered and extravagant childhood.

She was 98 years old. She tried to inherit the house Jinnah had built in Bombay for her mother but failed to convince the Indian government.

Jinnah's descendants being Parsis was a well kept secret by the Pakistani authorities for many years. At the time of her death in NY, she was surrounded by many of her family members and relatives. She married Neville Wadia in 1938 and moved to Bombay. She visited Pakistan only twice after her marriage, during Jinnah's funeral at Karachi in September 1984 and in 2004 to watch an India-Pakistan cricket match in Lahore. "When Jinnah was unwell, Wadia tried to visit Pakistan, but he refused her a visa". She was buried in a Twelver Shia cemetery by a weeping Jinnah who was aware that she had killed herself because of neglect caused by his stormy political career. Sheela Reddy, the author of Mr. and Mrs. Jinnah, said: "Her father indulged her". The property is of historical significance because that was where Jinnah, Nehru and Gandhi met before the partition. Dina is survived by her son Nusli Wadia, daughter Diana N Wadia, and great-grandsons Ness and Jeh Wadia.