Nintendo Switch Sales Surpasses Wii Sales

  • Nintendo Switch Sales Surpasses Wii Sales

Nintendo Switch Sales Surpasses Wii Sales

The comparison was drawn from the sales of the previous best-selling gaming console.

Almost eight months after its release, the console has sold quite a bit, with the firm even upping its prediction for the end of the fiscal year. The company expects to sell about 14 million units in the device's first year on sale - about half a million more units than Nintendo's Wii U sold during its five year production period.

After all, EA didn't really try its hardest with the Switch version of the game, releasing a product that had far less features than its counterparts on other consoles. The shortage of consoles in the country however were not able to slow down sales of Super Mario Odyssey. Unfortunately, anyone that took this as a sign that EA would be supporting Nintendo's handheld/home console hybrid on a long term basis would have been mistaken, as the company now has no Nintendo Switch games in development. Sadly, it is starting to look like the Super NES Classic will meet the same fate despite Nintendo's promise to do better this time.

Federation Internationale de Football Association 18 is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The company has already increased production of the console and admitted that it underestimated demand.

In a recent financial report by Nintendo, the company reviewed the sales of Nintendo Switch at the end of the fiscal year.

Part of the Switch's appeal doubtlessly lies with its impressive hardware, but software is equally important. The Switch is selling at a faster rate than the PS4 has in Japan which should be good news for Nintendo. This new success translates into more developers willing to take a gamble with Nintendo and produce unique content.