How to watch Facebook, Google, and Twitter get grilled by Congress again

  • How to watch Facebook, Google, and Twitter get grilled by Congress again

How to watch Facebook, Google, and Twitter get grilled by Congress again

Below is a timeline of the aftermath of Russia's interference in the election - told through the responses of the companies who unwittingly enabled it.

The House Intelligence Committee released on Wednesday a small sample of the ads a Russian troll farm purchased on Facebook during and after the US presidential election.

Richard Burr, the Republican chairman of the panel, said it was impossible to measure the impact or know the motivation of the Russian operation to spread political material on social media. James Risch (R-Idaho) said.

Sen. Ron Wyden said, "We'd like to walk out of here knowing the changes you're going to support".

Burr said more ads were targeted toward Maryland, a solidly Democratic state.

Sen. Mark Warner also revealed some ads, including one of Hillary Clinton as the devil boxing Jesus. Most of the geographically targeted ads ran in 2015, before the primaries were decided, he said.

Numerous ads released Wednesday came from Facebook pages whose Russian ties were previously reported by CNN, including "Blacktivist", a page created to look like it was run by black American activists, and "Heart of Texas", a page supporting the secession of Texas. He noted that some who attended the events said they noticed that no one from the organizing group was there.

Colin Stretch, vice-president and general counsel of Facebook, was quoted as saying that new hires would "help track behavior of extremists" on the company's online platforms.

"That was an absolute miss", Stretch said. Possible views reached the millions after people liked the posts and shared them. Though the small number of ads made public make it hard to confirm that the ads are a "representative sampling", as Democrats on the committee claim, those released shore up reporting about Russia's efforts to stoke American voters' fears of their Muslim, black and Latino neighbors.

Also included in the release was a document containing all of the Twitter account handles that Twitter has identified as being tied to the Internet Research Agency.

During Tuesday's hearing, none of the companies would commit to fully supporting legislation proposed by Warner and Sen. In fact, the ads are so lame that I initially thought the Politico story was a prank. Burr, a North Carolina Republican, said during Wednesday's hearing. Each general counsel also struggled to name an executive at their company who is specifically tasked with overseeing the threat. Though it might seem like this is a prioritization of security over profits, long-term Facebook must be a safe platform for legitimate discussion to maintain it's place atop the hill of social networks.

"We now discovered, in the last 48 hours, 120,000 Russian-based posts on Instagram", Stretch told the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing.

Earlier this month, House lawmakers suggested they would publicly show the 3,000 ads that Facebook had delivered to Congress after its investigation into Russian influence. USA lawmakers have threatened tougher regulation and fired questions at Facebook General Counsel Colin Stretch in hearings this week.