House Dem: Pelosi's Time Has 'Come And Gone'

  • House Dem: Pelosi's Time Has 'Come And Gone'

House Dem: Pelosi's Time Has 'Come And Gone'

Democrats knew the seat was winnable, or they wouldn't have poured millions of dollars into the race. Oh-for-four. That is the number of special elections held recently in which - try as they might - Democrats failed to dislodge a Republican.

And Rep. Tim Ryan criticized Pelosi along with his party's brand and its outreach to voters.

According to Atlantic monthly, "Compared with November's results, the GOP margins of victory declined from almost 16 points to 6 in Montana, 23 points to less than 4 in Georgia, 21 points to 3 in SC, and 31 to about 7 in Kansas.

JOE CROWLEY: We're disappointed.

"Republicans blew through millions to keep a ruby-red seat and in their desperate rush to keep stop the hemorrhaging, they've returned to demonizing the party's strongest fundraiser and consensus-builder", Hammill added, according to NbC News. This is a Republican district, and they won it like they should have; just like they won the other two special elections in Kansas and Montana this year.

At his big rallies last fall President Trump kept telling his supporters, "We're just going to win and win so much you're going to get exhausted of winning".

But Democrats say they are not yet ready to throw in the towel, The Hill noted.

In a Tuesday night tweet, Trump congratulated Handel and said "we are all very proud of you!" He says the defeat better be a wakeup call for Democrats.

New York's own Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-Nassau) is far from alone in saying, "It's time for Nancy Pelosi to go, and the entire leadership team". "This is good news for us", she said. Moulton is a 38-year-old Iraq war veteran elected to Congress in 2014. You're responsible for everything your platoon does or fails to do. That's the most important part.

But Pelosi's not going anywhere.

"I'm in my 10th term and I certainly have never seen someone who is smarter in the kind of backroom maneuvering that Nancy Pelosi does", said Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill.

The criticism toward Pelosi is not new but the recent backlash against her led some liberals to reiterate their support for the long-time party leader. "They're anxious about paying the bills".

"She's easy to demonize". We're used to that.

She continues to command a great degree of loyalty from many House Democrats, and allies dismissed the idea that her position was in any kind of jeopardy.

A successful Republican strategy in Tuesday's race for Georgia's 6th Congressional District included promoting a relentlessly anti-Pelosi message to drive out the conservative base. After four special elections nationwide, Democrats still haven't won any seats.