Special Counsel Robert Mueller meets with House Russia investiga

  • Special Counsel Robert Mueller meets with House Russia investiga

Special Counsel Robert Mueller meets with House Russia investiga

The team of lawyers investigating potential coordination between Russian Federation and the Trump campaign is still growing, but its early composition reveals a breadth of experience in criminal law and in following the money.

A few days after the "bombshell" Washington Post story claimed that Mueller was looking into whether Trump tried to thwart the FBI's Russia-election-meddling investigation, ABC News reported that there isn't such an investigation. And the Russian Federation probe seems to be the primary reason why: Fifteen percent of Republicans say the investigations have made them think worse of Trump, while only 57 percent approve of how the president has "handled" said investigations (i.e., interfering in federal investigations, confessing to obstruction of justice on national television, engaging in witness intimidation over Twitter, et cetera).

The attorney did the rounds on the morning shows on Sunday, appearing on CNN's "State of the Union", where he argued Trump is not under investigation, despite the president tweeting "I am being investigated" last week.

"I'm just one lawyer", Sekulow said.

The president wrote on Twitter Friday: "I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director!" He takes the action that they also by the way, recommended, and now he's being investigated by the Department of Justice.

Asked last week if he was open to investigating the White House on questions of obstruction of justice, Grassley did not rule it out. Comey was among those critics who cited Lynch's June 2016 tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton as a sign the Justice Department was not capable of an independent investigation into Hillary Clinton.

When Wallace pointed out that Sekulow had just admitted the President was under investigation, Sekulow reiterated that he had not been notified of anything. "That's not why I'm asking you about it", Cuomo said.

According to close allies, the president had been toying with the idea of firing Mueller already - even before the obstruction of justice investigation went public.

But while Mueller mulls over that decision, more and more voices are being raised calling for him to step aside due to a serious conflict of interest that probe would represent.

At some point, Mueller may wish to interview Federal Bureau of Investigation senior leadership about their meetings with Comey regarding Trump, though it's unclear if this has already taken place.

Guided by religion: Sekulow is a devout Christian whose work reflects his religious beliefs, as seen in the cases he's taken up with the ACLJ, including backing their stances against gay marriage and abortion. "So that is protected under the Constitution as his Article I power", Sekulow said.

Chris Wallace was not the only anchor to dunk on Trump's lawyer this weekend, as Jake Tapper questioned Sekulow about Trump's tweet.

In a manner that would probably please his boss, Sekulow twice made mention of television ratings when comparing the reach of a cable network with President Trump's reach on social media.