Georgia Republican calls ad tying race to congressional shooting 'disgusting'

  • Georgia Republican calls ad tying race to congressional shooting 'disgusting'

Georgia Republican calls ad tying race to congressional shooting 'disgusting'

The race between Ossoff and Handel for Georgia's 6th district, a historically Republican enclave of suburban Atlanta communities, has become the most expensive congressional race in American history. There are 23 other GOP-held House districts, many of them suburban, like the Georgia 6th, where Democrat Hillary Clinton topped Trump last November.

House Democrats' campaign arm sent a team to Georgia to organize the sixth congressional district months ahead of the special election there.

Perdue criticized Ossoff's attempts to appeal to disaffected Republican voters. Trump kicked off the day's campaigning with a tweet urging his supporters to back Handel and reject the Democratic Party's platform. "It's not gonna happen". If that kind of massive get-out-the-vote effort coupled with a huge money haul still falls short, then Democrats should take a hint - their extreme partisanship and toxic disinformation campaigns against our duly elected president are a huge turn-off to voters.

President Trump was at the White House on Monday where he hosted some of the world's most senior technology executives, including the chief executive of Apple, Tim Cook, and Google boss Eric Schmidt.

Ossoff and Handel were the top two finishers in an April 19 primary, and advanced to the June 20 one-on-one runoff.

Numbers seem to show Ossoff has the lead among early voters, but Republicans generally turn out in larger numbers on election day, and that favors Handel.

"Folks here in Georgia want fresh leadership that's committed to delivering a higher quality of life here at home, growing our local economy, focusing on accountability in Washington with this atmosphere of gridlock, chaos and scandal in D.C.", Ossoff said during an event in Chamblee. President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, House Speaker Paul Ryan and two members of Trump's cabinet with Georgia ties — Sonny Perdue and Tom Price — have previously campaigned with her. Democrats hope a victory next Tuesday will fuel momentum for the 2018 midterm elections.

This tragedy and the attempt to place the blame on right-wing rhetoric has actually served to motivate frustrated Republicans who were considering sitting the election out or voting for Ossoff.

That all means there are many more people who typically vote Republican in the district than Democrats.

"Karen has to sort of walk a fine line, but I don't think she's shied away from talking about those core Republican issues that Republican leaders in Washington have focused on", said Eric Tanenblatt, a lobbyist and Georgia state finance chairman for the Republican National Committee.

47 - the number of GOP-held House seats in the country that are more Democratic than this one, a reason why swing-district Republicans are so closely (and nervously) watching the results of Tuesday's election. The ad claims "the unhinged left" is "applauding" the shooting (even though there's no evidence that supports this claim). Ossoff previously called for Handel to "disown" the ad.

Ms Handel has handled Mr Trump gingerly.