Another election? The sooner, the better, says Keir Starmer — Interview

The turnout in this general election had not been equalled since 1992. She has survived because Conservative members of Parliament know a leadership challenge could lead to a fresh election, which the latest polls suggest they might lose outright. Because if the DUP doesn't back May all the way, then we are inevitably looking at another election, sooner rather than later.

Derek Wall is an ecosocialist activist and joint global coordinator for the Green party of England and Wales stood against Theresa May in Maidenhead on June 8. We took the view that some of these things that were perceived as weaknesses were actually strengths and that we were prepared to take them head-on. That would have led to a commanding majority in elections past.

LABOUR LEADER JEREMY CORBYN has ratcheted up the new left-wing dividing lines in Scottish politics with a pledge to focus on revitalising Labour support north of the border. Installed by the Conservative party after last year's Brexit vote, she was aware she lacked popular legitimacy. That, however, would risk the ire of Brenda from Bristol as another General Election - which would be the third in two years - would be needed. May lost 13 seats.

According to figures supplied by Facebook to Newstalk, it was Theresa May who was the most talked about leader prior to the vote last Thursday.

Conventional wisdom says if you've got a perceived weakness, you try to deflect and go onto something else.

There was a slide that talked about the Tories as the real extremists. More than £1 million was spent by the Conservative Party on ads claiming Corbyn supported the Irish Republican Army.

The website noted that one of Mr Corbyn's "most ambitious policies, which may have encouraged large numbers of young people to vote, was his promise scrap university tuition fees from 2018 and possibly cancel debts incurred by recent graduates".

Serwah continued, stating that despite the media scrutiny Corbyn faced, he continued to overcome it all. The Labour leader was a miserable minus-42 when campaigning began. The most worrying source of uncertainty is Northern Ireland, where the 1998 Good Friday peace deal was already under strain. That is because Labour parties around the world share the same philosophy.

Another immediate effect has been a weakening of the right.

Government appointments since the election indicate softer Brexit voices may be given greater space. But Corbyn, like May, now appears to think himself invincible and untouchable.

What next? May's leadership now looks anything but "strong and stable", and her standing is irreparably damaged within her own party.

Instead, both the Conservative incumbents have been returned to Parliament, but have been given a fright, with vastly reduced majorities. Theresa May will, at least for now, remain as prime minister.

The Gainsborough MP was also quick to point out that a proposed confidence and supply deal with the Democratic Unionist Party was not ideal.

Corbyn's speech was one of many in the first meeting at the House of Commons since the election. May's micro-managing style had left the Tories devoid of Labour's grassroots flexibility. May in Paris on Tuesday, French President Emmanuel Macron said that the door will remain open to the United Kingdom until the Article 50 talks conclude, a point also made by Germany's powerful finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble.

Where the Greens go next strategically is going to be the subject of much debate.

Mr Kasumu lost to Labour MP Steve Reed by a colossal 32,365 votes. But Labour won 271 as opposed to 262 seats. So all I was saying in my presentation was that we needed to show that if they were going to attack us as extremists, numerous things that they were doing were pretty extreme.

The Midlands represents one of Labour's major weak spots.

Second, do not be fooled by the beauty contest of opinion polls. She was beaten by the Tories.

No matter how the deal unfolds, no matter the prime minister's justifications, all it takes is the prospect of the Tories holding hands with the DUP to erase a decade of the governing party's superficial detoxification.

During the campaign, the Labour leader also held a number of rallies to mobilise young voters and used videos and social media to raise his profile. With the current volatility of British politics, with the Tories in chaos, and with a resonant message, such a swing can be achieved.

For the first time in my lifetime, the left in Britain are making dramatic gains.

Mr Corbyn told the MPs and peers: "We must remain in permanent campaign mode on a General Election footing". He has announced plans to start campaigning in 65 Conservative marginal constituencies.