Warriors beat Cavaliers in Game 5, win NBA title

Shaun Livingston had a insane knee injury. The Warriors won the National Basketball Association championship over the Cleveland Cavaliers earlie.

To win his first championship Durant had to go through the game's greatest player in Cavaliers forward LeBron James, who he defended for most of the five games.

Surely Kevin Durant, the newly-minted NBA Finals MVP who joined the Warriors after their record 73-win season, has a different take on his own championship squad.

"It would mean everything".

But Steph Curry told reporters Wednesday that while the team will still decide as a group on what they plan to do, he hasn't changed his stance from what he would like that decision to be. It is a business. "You just pick yourself back up and you keep pushing and you keep going". Super team? No, we just work extremely well together.

"I have no reason to put my head down", James said Monday night after the Cavaliers' 129-120 loss in the clincher, slipping into the first-person singular. "It's easier said than done obviously, but that's the goal". "This is something that we want to continue to do".

As a raucous crowd cheered at Oracle Arena, Curry watched freshly crowned Finals MVP Durant capturing his first ring in his 10th National Basketball Association season.

Curry, Durant, 3-point sharpshooter Klay Thompson and forward Draymond Green are all under 30 and formidable starters.

"We learned from everything we've been through", the team's star guard Stephen Curry said during the trophy celebration Monday. To be back here, bring ol' Larry back home, I'm just excited to do something special. "We'll see how long".

LeBron James and Kevin Durant shared a moment of mutual respect at the end of the game.

Curry and Durant also heard from former President Barack Obama with congratulations, though Durant said he was most excited that among 200 messages was a text from a high school girlfriend he didn't realize still had his number. "He's had an wonderful career, but he just took it to the next level", coach Steve Kerr said. The only player, David West, who has been outspoken in his disapproval of Trump, to speak on the matter has said that he'd "probably" decline the opportunity. Some of us need to remove ourselves from the moment and remember there are some pretty awesome stories that have already been told. "It's kind of insane to think about the conversations we had this summer and going into the year about how we can both mesh and do what we do and be the players that we are and (to) see it come to life in this series, it was unbelievable".