Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017: Find out what was launched for Switch

Many core Super Mario games have some multiplayer component, even if that simply means letting someone else collect items in the background.

Nintendo has co-op of some sort built into nearly all of its titles, as the concept of gaming with friends and family is one of the biggest selling points of the Switch.

Nintendo just released thetrailerfor the videogame a few hours ago, and so far the game preview's raked in more than 130,000 reviews.

"This year, Nintendo will see a constant delivery of great games for both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS, headlined by Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch", a statement from the company teases.

Rocket League is coming to Switch, in time for the Holidays of 2017.

According to the team during the Nintendo Treehouse, the set will add costumes to the game and "assist" gameplay.though no additional details were revealed. Kirby and Yoshi are also coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime next year. Perhaps the most major announcement for 2017 was the release date for Super Mario Odyssey, which Nintendo will be releasing in October for the Switch. It looks like there will be lots of fun co-op playing opportunities with this one.source Nintendo Nintendo surprised everyone by teasing "Metroid Prime 4", the first update to the beloved series in 10 years.

The upcoming Master Trials DLC pack for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild received proper trailer, which you can see below. Mario can toss Cappy onto other characters or enemies, allowing him to briefly take control of them to do his bidding.

All of Mario's outfits are based on previous games and the environment of the kingdom he's in, so they'll be recognizable to players.