Top 10 Features You Need to Know About Apple's New iOS 11

  • Top 10 Features You Need to Know About Apple's New iOS 11

Top 10 Features You Need to Know About Apple's New iOS 11

Apple is shipping many features in this new update but two most prominent features, that Apple is shipping are Games and Apps tabs. Apple has completely revamped the control center and made it customisable. If getting a replacement is that simple, then you're in luck. The app dock will pop up over the bottom portion of your display without disrupting your work on whatever you have going on. As EUC and mobile folks, we need to be prepared-come mid-September, all these new features are coming to our environments no matter what. Apple says that the software will also silence incoming calls, texts, and notifications while automatically letting the people who call or text you know that you are driving. Live Photos bring the Loop and Bounce effects. That's good news and a step in the right direction for the identity and security industry, but unfortunately it doesn't appear to deliver on the ultimate goal - the use of Apple's handset as a security credential.

iOS 11 will also help save storage on your phone. The jailbreak tweaks allow you to do things on your device that you wouldn't otherwise be able to do.

What do you think of the new Apple software?

A number of small changes have been done throughout the interface on iOS 11.

Previously, users had to rely on a tool baked into iTunes to rearrange app icons in an expedient fashion.

Siri will also use upgraded on-device learning to take user experiences on one app to other apps. The offload unused apps feature removes unused installed apps without removing the app data.

However, you can't enable it without the use of an iOS simulator. The new iPad sports a 6-core CPU that comes with an inbuilt 12-core GPU to make it 30% faster than the A9X chip.

This all-new OS is brimming with new features including updates to Apple's Siri smart assistant which now gets far more useful.

Apple has recently unveiled its new iOS 11 with a series of new gadgets and more in this year's WWDC 2017. Moreover, the dock can now be accessed anywhere (even within apps) by swiping upward to make it easy to launch/switch between apps.

Apple is launching HomePod in the U.S., UK, and Australia for US$349. "And now it opens up both [iPhone and iPad] to wonderful possibilities for augmented reality in games and apps", writes Apple on its website.

The new version of the App Store will no longer show apps that only run in 32-bit.

Forrester's Gillett applauded Files for putting all files in one view - including files stored on services like iCloud, Box, Dropbox, and OneDrive - letting users organize and separate work-related and personal files.

"We've added all the apis to ensure users can edit, create, manage their lists and notes and reminders, not just that, but also users will be able to search in their lists and notes".