How Theresa May's Snap Election Backfired

Just after noon on Friday, May was driven the short distance from Downing Street to Buckingham Palace to ask Queen Elizabeth for permission to form a government - a formality under the British system.

British Prime Minister Theresa May says she'll be backed by a small Northern Irish party and is able to form a minority government after she lost an election gamble days before launching Brexit talks.

Jeremy Corbyn has transformed from Labour's very naughty boy to its messiah.

With almost two-thirds of the seats counted, the results appeared to be generally bearing out an exit poll that predicted the Conservatives would get 314 of the 650 seats in Parliament, down from 330, while the Labour Party was projected to win 266, up from 229. They included treasury minister Simon Kirby, whose Labour opponent won a majority of nearly 10,000, and Jane Ellison, whose majority of nearly 8,000 was overturned by the Labour Party. Following the failed 2014 independence referendum, the Nationalists won 54 out of 57 Scottish seats in 2015; a key component of their campaign this time was to get a new independence referendum as early as next March.

These victories and defeats have minced and mixed the wishes of the British people.

Clearly the outcome will have a marked effect on how the government tackles the Brexit negotiations as Theresa May was hoping the election would pave the way for a hard Brexit but as former Business Secretary Sir Vince Cable has said "the whole Brexit approach will have to be rethought". With the backing of organized labor, the support of social justice movements whose causes he has championed for decades, and a platform devoted to the interests of the vast majority - the 99 percent - Corbyn's Labour Party has shown that the united front politics of the left are far from dead. "After Cameron, May knows that, too". The support obtained by Labor party members contrasted with the negative predictions of hardly two months ago, when they were 20 percentage points below the conservatives in terms of intention to vote. "I expect more uncertainty now".

"This will allow us to come together as a country and channel our energies towards a successful Brexit deal that works for everyone in this country - securing a new partnership with the European Union which guarantees our long-term prosperity. I would have thought that's enough to go". However, it remains hard to see how a government can deliver a soft Brexit when any concessions the EU may extract for considerable access to the Single Market would surely involve accepting the Union's "four freedoms" [free movement of goods, free movement of workers, free movement of capital, and freedom of establishment and to provide services].

She said: "I have wanted to achieve a large majority". Alternatively, the Prime Minister could decide the game is up and quit without a vote. The leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, urged her to resign, saying he is "ready to serve" himself, while the leader of the Lib Dem, Tim Farron, said she "should be ashamed" and should resign "if she has an ounce of self respect". - Wyn Grant, professor of politics at the University of Warwick. He later said it was it was "pretty clear who has won this election".

The views of Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party could also come into play if the Conservatives end up dependent on them to rule.

The exact impact on Britain's European Union talks was unclear. Speaking Friday on Europe 1 radio, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said he doesn't believe British voters have changed their minds about leaving the bloc.