'Wonder Woman' Buries 'The Mummy' At The Box Office

  • 'Wonder Woman' Buries 'The Mummy' At The Box Office

'Wonder Woman' Buries 'The Mummy' At The Box Office

Naturally, Kurtzman came to its defense.

Box Office Mojo reports that this hit Wonder Woman movie only dropped 44.6% this weekend, earning an impressive $13,729 per-screen average from 4,165 theaters. The film starring Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis, Sofia Boutella, Jake Johnson, Courtney B. Vance, Marwan Kenzari, Javier Botet and Russell Crowe.

But if we've learned anything from Tom Cruise over the years, it's to never count him out. "I$3 n order to make the movie unpredictable I loved the idea that suddenly his control over the situation would be taken away from him ..."

According to many critics and the most important reason why The Mummy is suffering to win the hearts of audience is that the Wonder Woman is sweeping the audience off their feet. Seeing as it's the first in a franchise of monster movies known as Dark Universe, you'd assume Universal would want to tease that out. The sequel to the Brendan Fraser film also outperformed the original, raking in $202 million in the United States. Johnny Depp's Invisible Man is to follow some time after. Universal is hoping that The Mummy, and in turn the Dark Universe, will see incredible success overseas and becoming another Fast of the Furious franchise. Positive word-of-mouth and weak competition were both factors in the audience retention for "Wonder Woman,"' but this slim drop primarily reflects the way the film has captured the zeitgeist.

However, it found its audience in the worldwide market.

China led the charge with a spectacular $52.2 million launch, followed by South Korea with $17.8 million, Russian Federation with $7.8 million, Mexico with $5.1 million, and Taiwan with $4.9 million.

"Wonder Woman" has had a wondrous run in theaters so far.

Wonder Woman is now notching more than $163.6 Million (domestic) through Friday and set to jump up to $200 Million worldwide. It is true that when we spoke to our Trade Expert, Akshaye Rathi had said that The Mummy didn't really start well but it seems over the first weekend, people seemed to have become more inclined towards it. "Leavey", meanwhile, is earning a mere $1.9 million from 1,956, making it a complete dud.

It started on Friday when news hit that the movie opened in China (perhaps the most important worldwide market) on Thursday with an $18.7 million take, the biggest opening day ever there for a Tom Cruise movie.