Sanders 'Delighted' by Corbyn's Success in UK Election

Britain has been plunged into political chaos after a shock result in Thursday's general election that saw the ruling Conservative Party's majority wiped out.

The Labour MP, who has been a critic of leader Jeremy Corbyn, said he recognised the party ran an "effective campaign" but a Conservative prime minister now sits in No 10.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has already asked for May's resignation.

Rachel Sheard, who cast her vote near the site of the London Bridge attack, said the election certainly wasn't about Brexit.

She said that while the full results had yet to emerge, her party seemed to have won the most seats and "it would be incumbent on us to ensure we have that period of stability".

With no clear victor emerging from Thursday's election, a wounded May signalled that she would fight on.

Jeremy Corbyn could have been Britain's next Prime Minister - if it wasn't for the performance of the Conservatives in Scotland.

The exit poll is predicting the Conservatives will win 314 seats in the 650-member parliament and the leftist opposition Labour Party 266 creating a hung parliament with no clear victor. Labour had won 261 seats. For the Conservatives, election results have been shocking since they lost 12 seats of sitting MPs forcing them to go for a coalition government.

From the EU's perspective, the electoral upset meant a possible delay in the start of Brexit talks and an increased risk that negotiations would fail. He said it was impossible to predict whether she would still be prime minister at the end of the year. "Time for everyone to regroup".

May, who is the second female Prime Minister for the United Kingdom after Margaret Thatcher, didn't win elections in 2016. If she is to succeed in delivering the wishes of 52% of the public and take Britain out of the European Union, she must find a way to secure the full support of her party to pass legislation preparing for and enacting the departure. "We have less than two years to negotiate the we should not waste any time now".

The EU wants a "legally smooth British departure" in March 2019, the wire service says.

"The FTSE was sterling fell after the Conservatives lost their majority in the Commons", said Russ Mould, investment director at stockbroker AJ Bell. He said voters had rejected her Brexit plan.

So is Britain's European Union exit now in doubt?

Even though Mrs May has managed to hang on to her job after the severe battering at the polls, the question is: for how long more? "I just don't see how she can continue in any long-term way".

The broadcaster said Sturgeon was "disappointed at the SNP losses".

As a parliamentary system, the UK's government is formed by the party that holds the majority of seats in the parliament. "Theresa May has put Brexit in jeopardy".

"I am backing Theresa May".