Warriors' Green will be on the court for this Finals Game 5

  • Warriors' Green will be on the court for this Finals Game 5

Warriors' Green will be on the court for this Finals Game 5

Then they exploded for a 137-116 victory in Game 4.

Nearly every time the Cavaliers and Warriors meet - 17 times already in the NBA Finals over the last three seasons before Monday night - the focus is on the biggest stars.

Golden State got there a little differently this time around, opening up a 3-0 lead.

Some variation of those words was written or uttered somewhere nearly one year ago.

The defending champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers, have pulled off a huge win in game 4 of the National Basketball Association 2017 Finals over the Golden State Warriors.

Let's be clear: If Cleveland wins Monday, all bets are off. So they have the Warriors right where they want them, right? They were eight-point favorites despite having to play without suspended forward Draymond Green.

The Golden State Warriors championship parade route for Thursday, June 15, 2017 in Oakland. "I actually wasn't thinking about that until you asked me", Curry said replied when asked about another 3-1 finals lead. Here are our predictions for Game 5 of the NBA Finals, which will begin at 6 p.m. on ABC15. They're thinking about him while they watch, when the go home, while they sleep, and while they brush their teeth in the morning.

"First three games we were being too nice, helping guys up off the floor, smiling, I didn't like that", Lue said Sunday. They are up 3-1 in the best-of-seven series - again. The Warriors will not have the first-ever flawless postseason, with thanks to the Cavaliers. Such is life for the NBA's greatest player.

"It's part of the game, I understand that". Close-out games are the hardest ones, so, I'm just excited about the opportunity. "It's probably going to stay that way and we'll see what happens after that".

Kerr was joking about Green. He took a swipe at James' groin in Game 4 after the Cavaliers superstar stepped over him. It was only nine points in Game 4's victory. But the officials said the scorer's table mistakenly gave a technical meant for Kerr to Green.

"Maybe more measured", Myers said, comparing Green from a year ago to now.

"No, they got us where they want us", James responded when asked if the Cavs had deja vu from a year ago. "I've won one on the road". Got to come out with some fire and get it done.

The team that has made more 3-pointers has won each of the first four games. They lost Game 3 when the Warriors scored the final 11 points of what became a 118-113 loss.

But it's now up to the Cavaliers to make sure the series doesn't fall under in terms of games. If they did not escape Game 4 with a win over their shoulders, it would be all over. "We're ready to live in it". That's not only telling in terms of just how good Cleveland is but has also placed the pressure squarely on Golden State.

If the Warriors win on Monday night, Durant will be the MVP unless Steph Curry drops 50-plus points and then maybe there is an argument for Curry to take the award home. And for LeBron James, the last thing he wanted was to be swept out of The Finals at this stage of his career. Because everything I say, I know what I'm saying. "It causes too much stress man". "Whatever he's doing, he should keep doing it". And they were desperate and they outplayed us. (We're) looking forward to going out there and having some fun (Monday). You get punched in the face you want to respond.