Irving saves his best for when Cavs face Finals elimination

  • Irving saves his best for when Cavs face Finals elimination

Irving saves his best for when Cavs face Finals elimination

But the loss snapped the Warriors' NBA-record 15-game playoff win streak and denied them the league's first unbeaten playoff run.

They better be after their Game 4 flop in Cleveland.

Iguodala, the 2015 Finals MVP, came up big again with his 2017 postseason-best 20 points off the bench in a testy, tightly called finale to this trilogy Finals that everyone had stamped on the calendar from the moment Durant departed Oklahoma City to join Curry and Co. last July.

But it seems like an even more improbable task than it did a year ago.

With a chance to win the National Basketball Association championship, and go undefeated in the playoffs, the Warriors got run over by the Cavaliers, 137-116, Friday night.

"We didn't play up to the level we were supposed to, and they exposed that and took advantage of it and came out and played extremely well", Kevin Durant said.

"They're capable", Klay Thompson said.

Now that Zaza Pachulia is the one kicking people in the balls I guess Draymond needs to find another way to stay in the public's eye (and mouth) at all times. I'll be sitting up here lying saying that I didn't see it. "Are we going to get after it and compete?" He's still upset that his team lost last season, and he really wanted to win in Cleveland as the ultimate middle finger to the Cavaliers. The Warriors still hold a 3-1 lead in the series, but their bid for 16-0 in the playoffs is over. "He can just make shots that no one else has ever been able to make on a consistent basis, in a big moment". They're gonna get their asses kicked!

With the NBA Finals Game 5 hours away, social media was buzzing about the prospects of Golden State becoming NBA champions Monday night, and about Cleveland possibly forcing a Game 6 later this week.

The Cavs got the win in Game 4 on Friday behind some remarkable shooting. So take the 3-1 comeback in last year's finals with a grain of salt.

Of course, calling the people that inspire you to get out of bed in the morning boring isn't usually a good way to keep them happy. "So we're in a great spot, and now we have to capitalize", Warriors coach Steve Kerr said.

But Curry shakes off similarities to previous year, in part after adding Durant, who came from Oklahoma City last July in hopes of winning his first career title.

"Me personally, I liked it", he said of the edge Game 4 was played with. "So I'll just leave that at that". Before Cleveland dropped 49 by the end of the first 12 minutes of play, the most points scored in a single quarter of any Finals game, Golden State seemingly had a match for every blow.

"But as long as collectively as a group that everyone feels good, then my opportunities will come on breakdowns from their defense and offensively and things that we can be sharper at". But as they lost heavily on Friday, it became apparent that they can not overcome the Cavs with a sub-par performance from their superstar point guard. And when the Cavs defeated Golden State 137-116 last time out, it was because they were brutal and unapologetic for it. Now, they find themselves in the same position, a 3-1 lead, they were in past year when they ultimately failed to close out the series.

But they didn't have Green then and they have Kevin Durant now, two reasons why the Warriors believe they will finish the job this time.