Win keeps Cavaliers alive in NBA Finals

Wednesday's Game 3 broadcast on ABC - the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers 118-113 - delivered a total live audience of 20,494,000 average viewers, making it the most-watched NBA Finals Game 3 ever on ABC.

The Cavs put on a fearless face Thursday, a day after giving the Warriors their absolute best shot in every way but still lost, 118-113, in Game 3. It was Kevin Durant joining Golden State, 1-1 against the LeBrons in the previous two Finals. They won a championship (in 2015), and a year ago it was the greatest regular-season team we had played, probably one of the best postseason teams that everybody's seen as well, but we were just able to overcome that. But the Lakers lost Finals Game 1 to IN before ripping off four more wins.

After winning Games One and Two by a combined 41 points at home, the Warriors had to scrap for all 48 minutes to take down the Cavs, who will need a similar effort to avoid being swept by a team with few weaknesses. They became the first team to triumph after falling into a 3-1 finals deficit when they beat the Warriors in seven games a year ago.

It's been a long trip to this point for Cleveland that ended where everyone expected: a third matchup with the Golden State Warriors.

How do the Cavaliers get out of this cycle, especially in a game with just one day off between (the only game in the series with one day of rest)? So they're able to keep Steph, Klay, and Draymond, and be able to go out and sign someone else like they did this past summer by just getting rid of a couple pieces.

Green said he expects the Cavaliers to throw everything at the Warriors.

"I don't think there was any concern or thoughts about history", Kerr said. There can't just be a 10-0 run (like at the end of the first quarter in Game 3 when LeBron sat), which forces Lue to bring him back quickly.

"They're definitely a different team than they were past year that's definitely in full effect that we're all fully aware of", the Cavs' Kyrie Irving said. Golden State will be at full strength this time, and while the Warriors have finally lost a game, they haven't lost any confidence. Kyrie Irving was the game's leading scorer with 40 points and Kevin Love chipped in with 23 points for the Cavs.

Even if one player has less than an excellent game or loses just the least bit of concentration, there are others more than capable of picking up the slack, which has to make them favourites to make history. "We want to finish it here and forget this game quickly and lock in and get ready for a battle on Friday". I played against some great teams, but I don't think any team has had this type of firepower.

"It was like a natural shock how that game ended", Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving said.

LeBron James doesn't have any problem with Golden State building a super team. You just can't let the emotions linger on, as best you can. "I don't want to relax". Before the game, Kerr, who missed 11 playoff games because of back pain, said his decision to return to the bench for Game 2 in the Finals was easy.

The 49-point quarter was the highest-scoring quarter in any playoff game since 1991, when the Warriors had 49 points in the fourth quarter of a 130-121 loss to the San Antonio Spurs.

"If I could have the play over again, I would come off a three screen situation".