May forms unity government after losing majority in United Kingdom vote

Ukip leader Paul Nuttall, meanwhile, fell on his sword after just six months in the job, after slumping to a distant third place in Skegness & Boston on a woeful night for the Eurosceptic party, which shed swathes of voters to Labour and Conservatives.

George Osborne called Theresa May a "dead woman walking".

"Theresa May is a dead woman walking, it just remains to be seen how long she remains on death row", George Osborne, the former United Kingdom chancellor who was sacked by May a year ago, told the BBC's Andrew Marr on Sunday.

They are public backers of Brexit; however, they have a slightly different take on how to approach negotiations.

It said the campaign failed to get "Theresa's positive plan for the future across" or "notice the surge in Labour support, because modern campaigning techniques require ever-narrower targeting of specific voters, and we were not talking to the people who made a decision to vote for Labour".

A Downing Street spokesman said: "We welcome this commitment, which can provide the stability and certainty the whole country requires as we embark on Brexit and beyond".

In a speech on Friday announcing her new government, May said the Tories would work with its "friends in the DUP". "I have no doubt at all that Theresa May will continue to serve and work hard as Prime Minister - and do it brilliantly".

The Tory Party opted for a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats in 2010, the last time a hung parliament occurred.

Questions about Brexit have invariably evinced these answers: "Brexit means Brexit", "making a success of Brexit", "no deal is better than a bad deal", "back me to lead Brexit negotiations", and "getting Brexit right is central to everything".

The DUP is a socially conservative pro-British Protestant group that opposes abortion and same-sex marriage and once appointed an environment minister who believes human-driven climate change is a myth.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, appearing on ITV's Peston on Sunday, confirmed that the party - like Mrs May - was committed to leaving the European Union and pulling out of the single market, while seeking a "jobs-first Brexit".

Whilst still broadly predicting May will improve on the 12-seat victory her predecessor David Cameron won in 2015, the narrowing polls suggest a majority that might fall well short of a 100-seat or more landslide.

"As we are the party that won most seats and most votes, we are the only party that is in a position to form a government that can do that". Now her gamble has backfired, and she has lost her majority in Parliament.

He said: "I am backing Theresa May".

ROGER SCULLY: Well, I think a major thing that happened is that the Conservative Party effectively undermined the core message of their own campaign.

"Just to be clear, we will act in the national interest".

But with complex talks on Britain's divorce from the European Union due to start in 10 days, it was unclear what their direction would now be and if the so-called "Hard Brexit" taking Britain out of a single market could still be pursued.

"Ted Heath lost and tried to form another government and tried to get another majority in Parliament". She named her Cabinet Sunday, keeping most of the ministers in their posts and even appointing an old adversary, Michael Gove, to the post of environment secretary.

Jeremy Corbyn has said that LGBT rights "must not be sold out by Theresa May" by aligning with the Democratic Unionist Party.