Congressional Investigators Seek Tapes, Notes On Trump-Comey Conversations

  • Congressional Investigators Seek Tapes, Notes On Trump-Comey Conversations

Congressional Investigators Seek Tapes, Notes On Trump-Comey Conversations

The Justice Department has denied that a third meeting occurred.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions met with the Russian ambassador at least twice a year ago and then denied doing so in his confirmation hearings. If special counsel Robert Mueller believes that Comey acted improperly, it is up to him, not the one who is accused of lying, to act.

"I didn't say that", Trump said at a joint press conference alongside the president of Romania.

If Trump can let the hearing settle, compartmentalize the whole matter and let the independent counsel do his work, the Russian Federation investigation and all its subsidiaries will conclude without evidence of a crime.

Grants of immunity - a key part of both criminal and congressional investigations - are a key area where coordination would be needed.

Burr asked Comey about that Thursday.

"No - no doubt", Comey responded. "And I'm sure you all will be able to work it out with him to run it in parallel".

While disputing Comey's testimony, Trump castigated the entire hearing as "just an excuse" to blame their election loss on a false narrative about Russian Federation. Lewandowski also mocked Comey, telling NBC's "Today" show that the former director had used a go-between to share his memos "because he wasn't man enough to give the notes directly to the media when he wanted them out to the media".

And Friday evening, Sen.

If Trump had simply focused on making great deals for America - whatever that means - rather than obsessing over the Democrat-fueled myth that he was being investigated, he wouldn't have an approval rating in the mid-30s, and the Democrats would be on their heels.

Despite Trump's frequent criticism of the outlet, the Times has been in the first few rows of every press conference the president has held since taking office.

The Maine Republican said Comey was wrong to leak his private conversation with the president.

In fact, Comey had set up his testimony brilliantly when he had the committee release a seven-page statement Wednesday in which he described five conversations he had with Trump concerning the FBI's investigation into Russian attempts to interfere with the 2016 election. The committee is seeking the materials by June 23.

Only three sitting presidents and one sitting vice president have testified before congressional committees. "We know how to fight and we will never give up". And based on Mueller's reputation for keeping developments out of the headlines, we don't expect to anytime soon.

While Comey said Trump had lied about him, Trump didn't use that exact terminology in return on Friday.

He also retweeted a comment from attorney Alan Dershowitz, who had written: "We should stop talking about obstruction of justice".

The most generous impression is that Trump is the archetypal bad boss, asking vaguely threatening questions about whether you even want your job anymore, because plenty of other people do. Trump asked, though he went on to say such a request wouldn't have been inappropriate.

According to Comey, Trump believed the Russian Federation investigation was a "cloud" over his presidency, preventing him from making great "deals" for America.

Trump, however, has a long history of threatening legal action but failing to follow through.

Comey himself called Trump and his administration "liars", for their claims that he was sacked for his performance and low morale at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

So if there are no tapes, we are to accept that the president of the United States is creating confusion and conspiracy only to debunk his own created confusion and conspiracy because he's a damn mad man!

But the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee says it's a question worth examining.