No questioning Durant's decision now as Warriors near title

But then came those final 75 seconds of the Warriors' 118-113 win in Game 3, that surreal stretch in which Kevin Durant showcased why the rest of the National Basketball Association is terrified by this latest super team.

LeBron James said pointedly before the series began that the biggest difference between the back-to-back Finals meetings of the past and this year's matchup is Kevin Durant.

Durant was widely criticized previous year when he left Oklahoma City for Golden State, chided for trying to take the easiest route to a title by joining what was already a stacked team. The Warriors outscored the Cavs 11-0 down the stretch to run their postseason record to 15-0, and there's no reason to believe they won't close out the series on Friday night.

Cleveland had looked like they might prevail when they were ahead by six points with three minutes to play.

James and Irving were relentless in the second half and it appeared they had done enough to get Cleveland over the top and perhaps back in the series.

He said they are going to come out as a confident group, play hard and give themselves a chance in Game 4. "We just want 16 wins, it doesn't matter how we get there, but now we're in this situation, why not take care of business?"

"For me personally, when I chose to go back to Cleveland, I had to decide like, because our owner when I left made a decision to put out this article that we all know about where he bashed me and disrespected not only me as an individual, but disrespected my name". When I say his team, I mean it's not literally just his team ... I would get him leaning. We've played only [15] games so far. "We missed some shots, and they made some".

Cleveland Cavaliers guard J.R. Smith claimed his Twitter account was hacked after the phrase "Cavs in 7" was sent out over social media shortly after his team was pushed to the brink of elimination in the NBA Finals. His defensive miscues and an 0-7 mark from three aside, Irving played the best game he possibly could. We haven't shot the ball very well, but defensively we got stops early and were able to get out in transition and score some easy baskets. "This has been the best team in our league the last three years".

Irving felt it as well.

"I think the whole thing was how fun it would be, because of the style of play, because of the individual talents", Kerr said. He also insisted that his team was better off playing at a high tempo than trying to slow down the Warriors.

The Cavs led 113-111 when James found Korver in the corner for a 3-point attempt.

"I made a decision to stick with those guys, being at home, down 0-2". They defeated them 118-113. And then, he hit one of the biggest shots of his 10-year career in the kind of free-flowing way that is so much easier because of the embarrassment of riches that surrounds him. "It will be a massive upset, I think, if they're not there each and every year". They all love playing off the ball, cutting, moving, passing.